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    Are there any tivos that don't need a sdv box plugged in via USB ? Maybe the newer ones with some new type of cable card . I find my sdv box adon loses channels frequently and i wanted another solution.

    Also is there any TiVo that integrates well like a cable companys box as far as ppv and premium content. Other than direct tv, who's new one isn't out yet, I don't know of any way to get the great TiVo experience with all the extras.

    Finally there are many stations that I have and are not listed and some that are listed and are black screens, meaning the channel lineup is off a bit.
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    There is no Tivo being made at this time that have sdv. You will need to use the adapter.
  3. lrhorer

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    Aug 31, 2003
    There will never be a CableCard that can implement SDV. First of all, the CableCard spec is etched in stone by federal law. Secondly, the CableCard does not provide the infrastruture for SDV, not even on 2-way hosts (like those provided by the CATV company) that support SDV. SDV requires 2-way communications with the headend, and that requires an upstream modulator. UDCPs like the TiVo do not have such a modulator and so require some external means of contacting the headend. This could be accomplished via a broadband modem utilizing the UDCP's Ethernet port, but unless federal regs force them to allow it, there is no way in Hell the CATV companies are going to provide that as a means of contacting the headend.
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    A TiVo could do SDV and interactive features over the Internet, if the providers allowed. They do it that way for the provider leased TiVos (if the providers use SDV), which are the same hardware as retai Tivos.

    For a customer owned TiVo, you still need the Tuning Adapter, that I know of.
  5. lrhorer

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    Aug 31, 2003


    I said that. See above.

    No, they don't. The CATV leased boxes are two-way devices. They participate in SDV via an upstream modulator using proprietary protocols. It would be possible, but there's no point in it.

    No, they aren't.

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    LOL :) Yes it's a cruel world full of people who don't hang on my every word. Then they say the same thing I just said and steal my thunder! I guess I could have pointed out the times you've done that to me and others. :p Personally, I've decided to just let it go and not fuss about it. ;)
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    Both the RCN and Suddenlink Premiere offerings use an IP backchannel with Seachange gear at the head end to provide VOD and SDV. That was the basis of TiVo's proposal for the FCC to require such a back channel be made available by all carriers.

    Unfortunately since the FCC declined to make such a requirement, we're out of luck on that front unless the Allvid effort makes some headway.

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