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Discussion in 'TiVo Upgrade Center' started by husky410, Jul 13, 2007.

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    I picked up a Philips hdr112 14hour unit off of Ebay for $10 with the intent of letting the kids use in there room for the basic dvr functions. I have never owned a tivo before and did a little research and understood that the series 1 would provide this function without a sub. When I recieved the tivo and powered it up it had ver 1.3 software and 5:lifetime under the subscription. From what I have read i believe that this is a good thing. I am now planning on using this for our main tv and venture into the tivo world. I am not sure yet if the modem works i hear that there were modem issues on early units. I am going to try the setup this weekend. I have no Idea where to start. Do I need to reset the unit first than go through a guided set up? Will the lifetime status stay with the machine no matter what? Do I need to call tivo or will the box just update and go? If the modem is bad I assume that there are ways around it. If everything sets up I plan on adding a larger drive or two to it. Are there limitations on drive size to this unit and what are some recommendations. Thanks in advanvced
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    First you need to run guided setup. A Clear & Delete Everything might not be a bad idea. Then you need to place a call to TiVo (S1 models must use a phone line unless upgraded). Now, when the TiVo makes that call the account status will be updated. For $10 I doubt it came with lifetime. The chances are much higher that the owner transferred the lifetime to another box and is simply selling the old shell. If the unit does indeed have lifetime it will be attached to the box. You will need to call TiVo and the owner you purchased it from would also need to call TiVo and transfer the lifetime to your name.

    If the modem is bad I would highly recommend you look into a TurboNET ethernet card. I would suggest this even if the modem is good. It is an amazing addition to an S1.

    As far as drive are concerned, the only limitation is the size of drive you can purchase. I would recommend using a SINGLE drive to do the upgrade.

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