Advice on replacing DirecTivo unit

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    Aug 12, 2007


    Well, it looks like my Series 2 Phillips DSR7000 may be on its last legs. It appears one of the tuners may be going bad. I dont really want one of DirecTVs DVRs :thumbsdown: . (not as good as TiVo and the whole leasing thing with a new receiver). Any advice about what brand I should look for? My Phillips has lasted almost 4 years, but i cant seem to find anymore 7000 series. I have contemplated getting an HD receiver for when I eventually go HD. (I can connect one to a SDTV cant I?) Any one brand better than others? ones to avoid? Thanks.
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    You could send the DSR7000 out for repair.
    This site has DirecTV TiVos.
    You can find them on eBay.

    Because of the upcoming MPEG4 HD delivery, you can't get an HDTiVo. DirecTV has their own non-TiVo DVR, the HR20. And, it can be connected to an SD TV.

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