Adding HBO Go app to your Xfinity/Comcast with Tivo

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by sandi_k, Nov 19, 2019.

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    Apple TV. Works great, but expensive.
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    Its looking like that the only reason to stick with HBO and Tivo is to record HBO programming. As far as I can determine, everything on HBO Channels is available on the HBO On-demand app. Am I missing any advantage of having HBO through Comcast and Tivo?
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    There are a couple of advantages to consider, but they may not be particularly important or even relevant to you. The first is inherent in having the content in the TiVo programming guide; by reviewing the guide you can anticipate (and schedule a recording or set up a OP for) upcoming shows. Also, the cable channel will have previews and promos preceding or following a show that might help you to refine your interest in current or upcoming content. (Note that the app OTOH will often include extras that do not air on the HBO channels.) With an HBO Max sub through your cable provider you are expanding your access to the programming since, in addition to the cable channels, you still enjoy the same VOD streaming privileges of an OTT app sub by signing in with your Comcast credentials.

    A second advantage is that, by recording content, you will be able to watch it at will even when your sub is no longer active for as long as your DVR and/or HDD is functional. Once your VOD sub expires you lose all privileges, but physical media grants you storage capability that endures.

    A further advantage is the flexibility (and cost savings) of being able to cancel and renew your sub on a day-to-day basis. Comcast will only charge you a pro-rata fee for the number of days in the billing cycle that your HBO Max sub was active, whereas WarnerMedia (and most other OTT providers) charges a set monthly fee payable in advance with no refund for early cancellation. It's a bit of a hassle if you have to call each time to start or stop the sub, but depending on your service status you may be able to accomplish one or both on-line or through your Comcast X1 device assuming you have one on your account.
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    Another point to consider: if you subscribe to HBO Max directly, rather than through Comcast, then you won't have access to the live HBO channels. For some reason, they don't include them in the app, at least not yet. (Warner/AT&T has repeatedly stated that the HBO Max app will eventually offer live channels and it would be *very* weird if HBO wasn't among them.)

    If you happen to have a Hulu subscription though (even without the live TV add-on) and you subscribe to HBO Max through Hulu, then you'll get the live HBO channels in the Hulu app (along with the HBO on-demand content). And you'll separately have access to the full HBO Max app too.
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    I can watch it through the Android phone app, or, luckily, my PS4 Pro (although I have to use the gamepad to control it then, which is never ideal).
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    We bought a Firestick last year, and tonight I finally solved the Tivo vs. HBO problem for a third time.

    HBO GO is gone, and now it's HBO Max.

    We were still getting Tivo recordings of Last Week Tonight and other HBO content via Tivo if I added it to the Season Pass interface, but we couldn't access HBO movies or other content.

    With the Firestick, it's essentially the same as with the HBO Go app. Fired up the Firestick, hit the Home button, and found the banner advertising HBO access with a one week free trial. I had to download the HBO Max app.

    Once I downloaded that, there was a Login screen. I logged in, and got a code on the TV. Then I got the laptop, and logged in to HBO's site:

    I entered the code. It then asked how I got HBO, and I clicked on cable provider. I found Xfinity on the list, and it then asked me to logon to the Xfinity site.

    Xfinity then sent a code to my cell phone on file, and I entered that code to the HBO Xfinity page.

    Voila! All done, again!

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