Adding 8TB drive to Roamio Pro - stuck in purple screen

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by mattyg30, Apr 19, 2021.

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    Hi everyone,

    I've read the many posts here that talk about upgrading their Roamio Pros (and others) to use a drive larger than the 3TB drive that came with it. I've got a brand new Roamio Pro and I've taken out the 3TB drive and replaced it with an 8TB Western Digital. I'm following the procedure here (A Guide to Upgrading Your Tivo Bolt, Tivo Premiere, Tivo Roamio, Tivo Roamio OTA, Tivo HD, Tivo Series 3 or Tivo Series 2 (Easily upgrade your Tivo Bolt, Roamio or Premiere to 300 Hours+ HD Capacity) - Also includes instructions on how to fix a broken Tivo.) to put the new drive into the TiVo, let the software set it up, and then take it out and put it into the computer to expand it to the full 8TB using the winmfrs program.

    With the 8TB drive in place the TiVo is at a screen that says "There is a serious problem with the information on the TiVo box's hard drive, and it can't be fixed." It says to press Select to continue and I've pressed Select many times but it's still on this screen.

    It's unclear if the TiVo is simply reformatting the drive at this point and will reboot when it's done or if it's stuck here and I need to troubleshoot. I haven't seen this screen get called out in any of the hard drive upgrade instructions I've read.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    I upgraded my Roamio Pro to 10T (as I recall) but using these instructions instead of the ones you linked. Some hard drives (which use SMR "shinged tracks") will have problems. Maybe that's it?
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