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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by nlrushing, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. nlrushing

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    Sep 9, 2007
    i am sure this has been discussed but i am hoping for some friendly and helpful advice. i have toshiba sd-h400. have recently converted to broadband via my new wireless network. my tivo's remote has died and i have ordered the urc-6131n. i would also like to switch from the ir cable to the serial cable and have verified that my cable box will support that. now i would like to add a 2nd tivo in another room which i will get a 2nd tivo adapter to connect to the network. my dilemna is that i have paid lifetime service on the first box so i am trying to keep that foremost in my mind. i like all hope for the eventual opportunity to upgrade and transfer at some point but know that may or may not happen. i don't mind the fee for the 2nd box as i love my tivo and got the service and first box for great buy anyway. i have been considering buying a 2nd sd-h400 while i can in case i ever need parts for the first box to keep the lifetime service, but does that make sense? what parts would i use? or am i on the right track? if i did get to upgrade then i would still just have the 2nd unit. of would it make more sense to get the 2nd unit as the upgrade box and keep the 1st in the backroom just to keep connected to lifetime service. in that case should i be concerned about replacement parts to keep that box in service for years to come?
    whew! i hope someone has the patience to sift thru this and offer their thoughts. thanks so much!
    ps- i also have a 42" plasma, a 2nd dvr, home theatre and some connection issues if someone would like to direct me to the proper place to ask for help in that area. seems the more i upgrade the more issues and confusion i have.
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    Oct 11, 2005
    Rochester NY
    You didn't mention what your TV source was but given you have purchased an HD TV I would go with a Tivo HD unit, assuming you have cable or over the air, if you have satellite then you need to stay with a Series 2 unit. Regarding keeping your lifetime unit going you can purchase most of the parts that would normally need to be replaced, so I am not sure purchasing another identical unit does much for you.

    Good Luck,
  3. nlrushing

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    Sep 9, 2007
    hi, my tv source is cable tho i do not have an hd cable receiver or pay for hd service the picture is still awesome over what i had previous. by upgrade i was thinking more along the lines of dual tuner - would love to record one show and watch another.
    when i added the tivo, dvr, and home theatre system to my old 1 input 25" tv everyone told me i needed to upgrade the tv to be able to take advantage of all the capabilities of my system. but when i did i have never successfully figured out to hook it all back up and actually have less capabilities than i did before.
    i was also thinking of the free lifetime basic service that would come with the identical unit. BUT i also said i wouldnt mind paying $6.95 for a 2nd box and that way i could get the dual tuner (or whatever box i end up choosing) and use it as my main one, and keep this one in the back room, it would keep me qualified for that price break. correct? makes sense to me... is that your advice?

    i will list all of my units and answer any connection questions if someone wants to give me the guided tour thru the maze of my connection confusion. or direct me to a thread to ask there.
    thanks for your reply.

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