Activating used DVR = D* contract extension?

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  1. dingo55

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    Apr 20, 2009


    I purchased a used DVR from Craigslist. I called DTV and confirmed that the box was not leased and did not have a balance. I paid DTV $20 for a new card and activated the box. Everything seemed to work fine.

    I received my bill in the mail and saw that they are charging me for an additional "leased" box even though I purchased the DVR from someone that owned it. So I called DTV and I was told that by activating the box it automatically became the property of DTV and now I was leasing it from them. This does not seem legal.

    The bigger issue however is that the customer service person said that my contract was extended an additional 2 years because I add new equipment to my account. Again, this does not seem right. DTV did not give me a NEW receiver for free in exchange for me agreeing to a new 2 year contract. Rather, I paid $75 out of my pocket for a 3 year old used DVR. If I was going to be stuck with a leased receiver and 2 year contract, I would have demanded a new HD DVR from DTV.

    Is the customer service person correct? Can DTV steal my DVR and extend my contract simply because I activated it?

  2. A.D.I.D.A.S

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    Apr 30, 2009
    Anytime you make changes to your account ie, adding more equipment they will automatically extend your contract. As far as them owning the DVR. I do not believe this is correct. Most of the time once you lease a receiver from them for a year or more you own it then. So they maybe looking at this as you just "Purchased" a DVR so after a year its your. Does not seem right and this is why I do not pay for tv contracts.
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    Depending on what model DVR you purchased. The newer (non Tivo) D* DVRs are strictly leased, while most of the DirecTivos are owned. The notable exception is the HR10-250 where there were a lot of both owned and leased. Keep in mind that D* has been doing lease only for 3-4 years and that's the only thing most CSRs know, so that's how they set it up.

    I recently activated an old DSR704 and had to go through CSR roulette to find one that had been there long enough and knew how to do it. If it is an owned unit like mine, there is no lease fee but an additional receiver fee and no contract. Call and ask for a supervisor and have the account information corrected, or you just gave D* a free DVR while getting a new 2 year contract.
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    spudly Isles&Fin Fan

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    That's just the shady practice they use by default. The first level CSRs don't know any better- you need to speak to a supervisor or some other department). While it was 2 years ago, that exact thing happened to me. I told them the receiver was a spare I had previously purchased but never activated, it was my property and should be owned and not leased. Additionally I was never informed at any point in time that by activating that reciever I would be subjected to a two year extension, otherwise I would have never agreed. Frustratingly it did take a little time but got it fixed.

    Don't let them get away with it, make sure to call and speak to a supervisor. I've also had great success with the email customer service and this also gives the benefit of having it in writing.
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    scottt Macintosh Guru

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    Not true. I have an HR20 that was a replacement for my HR10-250 (after the reboot issues) and it is not leased. It also states so on my monthly bill.
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    ziggy29 New Member

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    I believe if the box is bought used and is *truly* OWNED equipment, that doesn't apply. Seems that the commitment (and penalty for early termination if any) has already been borne by the original owner who may have received a subsidy.

    As far as I know, the contract extension does generally apply to leased equipment.
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    Duffycoug New Member

    Feb 12, 2007
    I have activated and deactivated used receivers and it has never once extended my just have to confirm that when you call in to activate it because the CSR doesn't know any better most of the time.
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    jimmyjames New Member

    Jul 12, 2005
    I just activated a used DTivo I bought at a garage sale. It was from a clean closed account. I called and did have to get a new access card fo $20.00, but I verified with the access card girl that it did not trigger an extension nor would it show as leased. I verified with her that all of my units show as owned. It was a Series 2 Phillips.
  9. parzec

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    Be careful about these "contracts" -- even after confirming with the CSR that there were no contract extensions I have later been hit with early termination fees. You should record every conversation you have with the CSR about contract extensions -- seriously.
  10. MikeAndrews

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    Jan 17, 2002
    THIS THIS THIS me too. I was told I had a 1 year commit but they signed me for two years.

    When you call they ask you if you read all the fine print on the contract the installer had you sign. Every DirecTV rep knows full well they're pulling a scam.


    Can you believe the a* had the cajones to send me a "we want you back" postcard?

    BTW, if anybody wants to buy a HR10-250 and other DTiVos PM me.

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