Activate w/o Receiver Number?

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    I have a DIrecTivo unit that has been slowly dying, stuttering when replaying shows. I had purchased a used/refurb unit locally against the day the unit died, and finally decided the time had come.

    I should mention that I've swapped out receivers before, and all I had to do was call DTV and have then match my card to the new receiver.

    This time, they wanted the card number (no problem), and the receiver number. Not the receiver serial number, but some 12 digit ID. I can't find any such thing on the back of the Hughes unit I'm trying to use. Where would this number be if not near the serial number?

    According to DTV, older receivers don't externally show the receiver number, and therefore can no longer be used! Is this true? Is there a way to find the number?

    If not, there are two alternatives I can see. One is to swap out the hard drive of the old unit with the newer one. Second, DTV offered to swap me out a DTV DVR for the Tivo unit at no cost. Is there a comparison somewhere showing the features of the DTV DVR side-by-side with the Tivo?
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    What model Hughes Tivo did you get. It's true that older "non-RID" Receivers and DVRs cannot be activated any longer, unless that box was originally activated on your own account. That policy started about a year ago.

    I have both Tivo and non-Tivo DirecTV DVRs. I think you'll be just fine with a newer non-Tivo DVR.
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