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    I can not get to seem to get any third party apps to work my HD Tivo currently. These include iTivo on the Mac, MyDVR iPhone app, and DVR lite iPhone app. Both, the iPhone and Mac can ping the TiVo (or the address the Actiontec says it gave to the TiVo). iTivo complains it can not connect. The MyDVR remote iPhone app initially displays the TiVo, but when you click on it, it switches to "Searching for DVRs". The DVR lite remote app, never displays anything.

    Both iTivo and MyDVR worked with a Linksys router behind the Actiontec (FIOS) router. For several reasons, I needed to take the Linksys out of my network and everything is now going through the Actiontec.

    I think the Tivo just needs to be reset (seems to always be recording stuff when I'm around, so haven't done it). Any other ideas?

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