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    I recently upgraded our home TVs from standard definition Comcast Cable / Series 2 Tivo, to high definition with Bolt 500 VOX and Mini VOX Tivos. The upgrade experience was a little sketchy, but eventually worthwhile when all of the components (Comcast, cable modem, router, network, Bolt server, and Mini client) choose to work together as designed.

    My main complaints now are the high cost and minimal value added (relative to our viewing preferences) of the Comcast Cable TV service (Digital Starter plan). The monthly cost of our monthly cable and internet service is over $150 and if we drop the cable TV subscription and go OTA, our base could theoretically be reduced to around $80 per month.

    After purchasing a cheap OTA antenna, installing it in the attic, and feeding it into the house CATV wiring I was surprised to find that our reception includes about 60 broadcast channels, including NBC, CBS, ABC, and PBS in 1080 high definition. Most, if not all, of the program content I record on the Tivo Bolt is accessible from these OTA broadcast channels, but the following news and sports feeds do not seem to be available via OTA broadcast:
    • Discovery Channel
    • History Channel
    • CNN
    • CNBC
    • MSNBC
    • Weather Channel
    • Bloomberg
    • Tennis Channel
    • ESPN 1/2
    • Fox Sports
    • Pac-12 Network Sports
    I have heard that some of these premium channels and content are available via subscription and streaming, but cannot find everything I want bundled together in a single package or plan. For example, I heard that opening a TD Ameritrade account provided CNBC/FNN streaming credentials.

    I would appreciate any suggestions for accessing any of these premium channels and content without an expensive cable subscription.

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    I believe there are websites that will show you what streaming services will match/provide the channels that you are interested in. I've never looked into it but searched and found that gives the following for the list of channels you listed.

    Note to get the almost all of the channels you want you are going to be about at the cost of your current cable including your internet cost.

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    Thanks for the streaming website reference, HerronScott. I was not aware of this resource, but please note that the URL you typed is a typo and the correct URL is

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