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    I got a letter today saying April 2011 will be the last issue of ACCESS DIRECTV. They offer an alternative DirecTv magazine but it has to be subscribed to directly, not through DirecTv. They give a promo code & you can get a little discount for paying for a year at a time. I use the guide on my TiVos but my dad likes to see the printed version.
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    Yes, they refer you to Satellite Direct which I switched to years ago when Directv's got rid of their 24 hour grid. And I like the magazine. I visited Directv's site a few weeks ago to see if they went back to the 24-hour grid.

    At Directvs site it says:

    ACCESS® DIRECTV, the official DIRECTV programming magazine, will cease publication with its April 2011 issue.

    If you’d like to order a monthly DIRECTV television listing guide, please call 1-800-285-5454 to order Satellite DIRECT Magazine or visit to find out more information. Use access code “directv” to sample the online version of the magazine.

    I used the access code "directv" and it shows me with 12 months of free online access. The guide there is in PDF format of the actual guide. So, I'm going to use those 12 months before subscribing to the magazine again.
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    I've been very happy with Satellite Direct. I like the fact that they highlight movies that premier during that month in the detailed movie guide at the back. Makes it easy to see what new movies are coming up each month.
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    I went to their site and typed "directv" in for the code and hit the online magazine button to take it for a test drive. I love it! There is a button just for the A to Z movie list and you can D/L the file. Since it's PDF you can also search for movies, actors, etc. I'll probably use it for April and not even bother with the "Access" listings. Supposed to have a new improved format in May with larger pages, etc. I'll check it out for a while but I may just sub to the On-line version next time around.

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