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  1. cramer

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    Aug 14, 2000
    Any non-RID donor, tivo or not, should be workable. As with all things, it'll depend on who answers the phone. As long as it's a current generation card (P4); don't bother trying to move an HU card :)

    Any balance on the card shouldn't matter as (a) DTV won't know about it until it's no longer "on the card" and (b) the card is remaining active so the balance will eventually be reported. Basically, until the receiver calls in, nobody knows what PPV events you've ordered. DTV is *supposed* to take the card away when someone cancles to ensure they know about all the PPV's, but I've never heard of them collecting anyone's card(s).

    [I tried to reactivate an H card from an ancient Sony receiver; yes first gen "H" card. The stupid CSR actually tried it. She called her manager over after failing repeatedly. I actually heard him laugh -- "there's no way that's gonna work." They overnighted a new P4 card. (free, btw) Aside from that sony, I don't have anything that can even recognize the card -- different "pinout". I'm actually surprised they didn't fry it on sight.]
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    Sep 4, 2006
    HUs have been dead for 2 years...this is a P5 card. I'm going to try the 722 transfer.
  3. DTVCSR2007

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    Aug 22, 2007
    the 722 is just a number to know what tech problem your having with the recv. It does absolutely nothing to tell a csr for that, we resend authorizations to it yeah. but most of the time the thing is already been disc from the former account and would result in diddly. You would have to tell them your adding a receiver. thats it. you bought it from the internet. if it turns on hurray for you. if the access card is filled with upaid charges, that means your going to have to pay 20$ for a replacement card. no biggie.
  4. wolflord11

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    Jan 16, 2007
    You can unmarry and marry any Card you have on your account, to any receiver unit you Own. You can also do this with Leased units on your account to.

    You CANNOT use a card that has been used by someone else before. that is why Directv prefer to use New Cards instead of old Ones.

    Also, some older units will not work with the Newer Cards.

    The P1 (F Card), P2 (H Card) and P3 (HU Card) cannot be used at all. Only the following:

    P4 cards. Were introduced in 2002 and are currently still in use. P4 cards are labeled "Access Card: 4."

    D1 cards were introduced in 2004 following compatibility problems with the P4 cards in some receivers. These cards can be identified by the silver edges, and simply bear the word "DirecTV" on the front (no number).

    D2/P12 cards were introduced in 2005. This is the current "standard issue" card. These cards can be identified by a two-toned blue dot pattern resembling the DirecTV logo in addition to the DirecTV logo and the words "DirecTV Access Card". This card has a picture of a satellite on the front.

    The period 12 card is the only card that will work with R15, H20, and HR20 series receivers.
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    Dewey, AZ, USA
    I called recently to swap out one DirecTivo for another. I wanted to use the card from the first one in the second. The card is currently active and is operating in an R10 as I write. It is a D1 card. Three CSR's said I would have to buy a new card. How do you get past that? Are there magic words that have to be spoken?
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    Jul 3, 2008
    i got a b50 digital satelite box i know its old but i wana know if u can convert it into a fta stb box i know u can get dishnet and other ones whit A rom card but i wana know if u can be cardless thanks for the help ....
  7. grimmace

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    Aug 23, 2007
    Long story long: I had an HDVR2 fail. Bought a used one off eBay, swapped the hard drives since I had an InstantCaked 250GB - thinking I could keep the old programming (hard drives are married to the motherboards so I had to do a clear and delete all...sad). eBay box had an access card, failed box had an access card, both of which were the "4". I was told the card from the eBay box was too old because it had "cycled out of the system" and they couldn't get it to activate. They couldn't use the newer card because they needed to "unmarry the old card" which they couldn't do over the sattelite. Their solution: send me a new card. I specifically asked if there was a charge, or if there were any commitment extensions and they told me no. Got the new card, worked just fine, sent the old ones back. Bill comes and I'm charged $20 for the access card and 4.99 for an additional receiver. Along with prorate charges for an additional receiver. They added the eBay box without removing the failed box. Called to complain and they quickly removed the additional receiver charges but wouldn't budge on the access card. I told them I asked if there was a charge for the new card and I was told, "only if I lose the new card." As I got more agitated they told me they would give me $5 off for the next six months but they weren't taking off the $20 fee. I questioned the absurdidty of offering me more money than I asked for because they "couldn't take off the $20." Their response: "how about if we take off $10 a month for the next six months?" So they're now giving me $60 instead of refunding my $20. Great business model.

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