A92 Mini's MoCA broken when replacing FiOS MI424WR with G1100

Discussion in 'TiVo Mini' started by puffdaddy, Jan 3, 2021.

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    Nov 25, 2003


    A couple instances, not necessarily related to your issue, but food for thought...
    (EDGE is standard MoCA 2.0, same as the G1100 — but then so it the BOLT.)

    Fetches allow time for looking stuff up...
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  2. puffdaddy

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    Mar 1, 2006
    I'll try to attempt this weekend (as changing the MoCA bridge seems to take down the entire network--included the wired portion--which is really odd). Right now, what I've found is:
    1) mini's connected via "pure" Ethernet are completely fine getting DHCP, LAN, and Inet access.
    2) mini's connected via MoCA cannot get DHCP from G1100 (nor can they interact on the LAN when I assign a static IP--at least I can't ping them from a PC)
    3) mini's connected via MoCA can get DHCP from the Actiontec (while the G1100 is still acting the as the bridge). I had to configure the Actiontec to hand out DHCP addresses (and the G1100 is also configured as a DHCP server, just with a slightly different pool range on subnet--so I can tell the difference). This gets the mini's on the subnet, but not to the Inet, as the mini's default GW becomes the Actiontec (which isn't a gateway, but just a poor man's Wi-Fi, Ethernet, MoCA bridge--and having it act that way is something of a perversion of its intended configuration).

    4) I'll try your suggestion (which is an excellent one). That should effectively test the Coax connection between the G1100 and the location of the mini's.
    5) I may (time permitting), identify each of the 12 coax outputs, label them, and then try connecting a mini, directly to the G1100 to see if that makes a difference.

    I considered that the 12-way splitting (ONT -> 2x split, and each split -> 6x splitter) might be too much for the G1100 to handle.

    krkaufman, I'm not using privacy. Merely wondered aloud whether using it have better enabled control over which MoCA channel/network the clients/minis connect to. I think privacy merely complicates the situation, and that more troubleshooting of why the minis and G1100 aren't playing nice is warranted.
  3. puffdaddy

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    Mar 1, 2006
    I had some spare time and further investigation gave some bizarre results.

    The conclusion I came to was that the fixed DHCP leases that I had setup for all the tivos was ultimately causing the issue. Evidently something in the DHCP negotiation (where I had configured the G1100 with a fixed DHCP lease for each tivo) cased the minis to fail. But bolt had no problem.

    After removing the fixed lease for each mini, they easily obtained, new IPs from the DHCP pool and were happy.

    I doubt that many other users will run into this (G1100 with fixed DHCP leases for their minis)...

    Thanks for all the troubleshooting help!

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