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    in mid july and early august of 2007 i purchased and began using my two TiVo HD's. the initial cablecard activation of these two units was done by two different tw techs and both were uneventful. but i got two motorola s-type cards for each unit rather than the requested m-types.

    lately i'd been having some pixelization problems not related to cablecards with one of them and after reporting the symptoms TiVo immediately swapped it out. this was earlier this month.

    my cable provider, time warner southern california, would not allow me to reinstall the two motorola cards i'd just removed from the problematic unit into the replacement unit but instead insisted that they schedule a technician to come out to do it.

    so i said, well, if you're coming out anyway, bring two m-cards to replace both the two s-cards in the replacement unit, and the 2 s-cards in my other TiVo HD as well. they agreed.

    two techs showed up and tried for over two hours to register/activate a new motorola m-card in ithe replacement unit. they claimed this was the way of things with all m-cards they had tried to install since m-cards became available to them. so i said how about just putting the two old s-cards in it and when they did this the replacement unit was up and running in about 5 minutes.

    i just received this month's bill and it included a $19.95 trip charge. i called tw and asked what this was for and was asked if on march 17th a technician had come out to my home. i said yes, but that it was because tw wouldn't allow me to swap the two s-card into the replacement unit myself. i was then immediately told that, as a courtesy, the charge would be removed from my bill.
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