A nationwide Comcast TiVO in the near future?

Discussion in 'HD Comcast TiVo DVR (Archive)' started by buscuitboy, Mar 7, 2012.

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    Aug 8, 2005
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    I have Comcast & I have 3 TIVos (S2, S3 & S4; all lifetimes). In the past, I noticed that the TiVo site had information about Comcast TiVo boxes as being available in the Boston area only.

    However, I now see from their Comcast TiVo page (http://www3.tivo.com/products/source/cable/tivo-comcast/index.html) that it seems like they are getting ready to make a Comcast TiVo box available on a broader scale (like what some of the other cable companies have as well; Charter, RCN, Suddenlink, etc.). I say this cause there is even a section where you can sign up and be notified when it will be available in your area.

    Is this true? If so & from the TiVo feature chart, I'm assuming a Comcast provided TiVo box will have full OnDemand, but no Netflix. I'm also assuming these Comcast TiVos will have network jacks to allow for MRV, but I wouldn't be surprised if Comcast nixes that feature as well. I currently use PyTivo a lot for all my boxes and would that be too much to wish for as well for these possible Comcast TiVo boxes?

    Even with all these differences, I might still consider one since TiVo seems relentless in charging me $9.95/month "digital outlet" fees for each of my 3 cable cards (instead of simply $1.50/card like they use to). I go into my local office each month and complain about this. They are nice about it & agree it should only be $1.50 instead. Then give me the appropriate credit, but I'm on 3 months having to do this and its getting old.

    If I could easily rent a TiVO box for the same $9.95/month, I'm thinking it might be better to just do that. Don't have to worry about maintaining it or it breaking down. This way if it fails, I just bring it in & swap it out.

    Any thoughts on these new possible TiVo cable boxes with Comcast software?
  2. BlackBetty

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    Nov 5, 2004
    These will be fully functional retail tivo's. Exactly what you get now when you go to best buy. The only thing Comcast has agreed to is they will allow retail units access to Comcast video on demand via a software update in the future. These boxes will not be available directly from Comcast.
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    I think that TiVo and Comcast are working together so that you can order on demand stuff via the TiVo. I don't know the details but it would probably just be the TiVo communicating with Comcast via the network and negotiating for the ondemand stuff which the TiVo would then use the cable card to tune to. Very much like what happens in the comcast box except for the uplink (via network or however they do it).

    It won't be a special Comcast box. Just a feature on the TiVo Premiere.

    These are all guesses on my part though based on what I understand of the technology.
  4. SNJpage1

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    May 25, 2006
    When the Comcast tech was at my house last Sun he talked about a new box Comcast is testing on the west coast and should be available nation wide by the end of the year. It was a media hub. A single box that is connected to your cable. From it you get phone, TV and internet. The phones, internet and TV's work off of terminals that work wireless from the media hub. All the DVR recordings are saved at the head end and sent to the media hub.

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