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    It was a decent episode - but it also felt a bit like a plant. Although it's all good since it did feel like a tribute to Roy.

    Bidding process still feels really annoying stupid. The stupid new guy is annoying and stupid. The new couple are ok... but not as good as the previous couple, and I'm really just sick of episodes with Jen, Mark, and Jared driving.

    And the ironic thing is... before I would be like.. I'd love to see an episode with Roy, or the other couple...

    Yet now. I'm just ok with out watching, since I don't care about the new chick, the new kid, or the new couple.
  2. YCantAngieRead

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    Nov 5, 2003
    It was totally a plant. I really didn't care. I was glad they decided to do something more than a footnote.
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    Jan 22, 2003

    Talented producers figured out a way to make this show even worse. Besides that silly fat person repo show, this must be the worst scripted reality show on the air.

    I laughed when the idiot with the bus had it towed from behind the piercing parlor, and as the client wheeled the table back to the shop after finding the bus had been towed, the bus was clearly visible in the reflection off of the shop windows across the street. Ooops.

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