9/11: Inside Air Force One

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    I happened to catch this on Nat Geo channel. Was quite good. I had no idea of the communications problems they had on 9/11 (e.g. FAA had trouble getting into the air threat conference conference call w/NORAD and the FAA vs. the military had totally different terminology, causing more confusion). And, there was quite of a bit of confusion due to "fog of war".

    It should be the below as the end credits had a 2018 A&E Television Studios copyright along with a mention that it was produced for History.

    A+E Networks
    9/11: Inside Air Force One | HISTORY
    9/11: Inside Air Force One (TV Movie 2019) - IMDb

    I found How Air Force One faced uncertainty at 45,000 feet on 9/11: 'No one knew what was going on', which has a pretty good summary of many of the key points/moments in the piece.

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