9.1 headaches - lots of bugs

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by CrashMeister, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. CrashMeister

    CrashMeister Member

    Jun 15, 2002
    What a bad update !!!

    1. Deletes wrong recording if you have two in a group and have never selected one of them (details below).

    2. Transfer dies and cannot be restarted (details below).

    3. Browsing other Tivo MUCH slower than ever before.

    4. Most functions seem to be slower than before.

    I had a nightmare experience this evening. I was transferring a show (show B) from the bedroom tivo while watching a show transferred earlier (show A). Both shows were in the same group. When 'A' finished, I selected 'Delete' and it deleted show 'B'. I retrieved 'B' from the deleted items list and got a partial recording. When I try to select another show or show 'B' for transfer, Tivo says they will be done when the current transfer completes. Problem is there is NO transfer in progress.

    To make matters worse, when I finished watching the first part of Show 'B', Tivo displayed a message stating that the transfer had been interrupted, and that it would resume in a few minutes. An hour later still nothing...

    BTW, after retrieving the partial show 'B', I then selected Show 'A' again and deleted it - it deleted show 'B' again. I retrieved it again, and selected it, started the playback, then quit. I selected show 'A' again and deleted it. This time the correct one was deleted. Transfer function was still all screwed up.

    Both Tivo's are busy recording regular shows. I will reboot them both when time permits.

    Deleting the wrong program is pathetic. How did this ever get past QA ???

  2. pjhartman

    pjhartman excitable boy

    Jan 21, 2002
    Omaha, NE
    The TiVo QA department must have infinite patience. With each update my S2 units have become slower, slower, slower.

    By comparison, when I go to the kids' playroom and use the S1 lifetime unit that lives in there, its responses to the remote seem lightning fast in comparison.
  3. CrashMeister

    CrashMeister Member

    Jun 15, 2002
    It happened again tonight. I transferred two programs, same group, from the upstairs Tivo to the den. After watching the first, I selected 'Delete' and instead of deleting the one I was watching, it deleted the other one.

    This is simply unacceptable.

    Oh, and it's now stuck in never-never land thinking it's transferring a program when it's not. I have to re-boot every time this happens.

  4. TwiceOver

    TwiceOver New Member

    Jan 4, 2005
    Yeah, there are so many bugs in this update. It has almost rendered my 2400 series ST completely useless. It is now so slow that it bluescreens for a couple seconds in between channels and takes 5+ seconds to grab each page of guide data. Also my DT cannot browse the programs on the ST.

    Thankfully I haven't seen this delete bug you are talking of. That would truely piss me off. There were very few problems I had with the previous version, and yet this update didn't fix any of those.

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