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    So I shucked an easystore 8tb from best buy for the WD Red and had planned on using the power from the included usb3 interface card to power the drive with a sata extension power cable. It appears the interface card does not supply power without the serial cable connected also? Anyone familiar enough with circuitry to come up with solution to trick interface into supplying power? I pulled older interface card from WD ext drive and it does supply power without the serial data cable attached. Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Damn. This is what I was going to do. Direct sata cable, and a power extension cable to the board.
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    A 2.5" drive only needs +5vdc, whereas a 3.5" drive needs +5vdc AND +12vdc.

    You can use a 15mm 5TB 2.5" drive with a 22-pin sata extension cable or get an external 3.5" esata drive enclosure (plugs into wall power) and run an esata-to-sata cable to the Bolt.

    My PS4 only has room for 9.5mm drives or smaller. I got a 22-pin sata extension cable, plugged it into the PS4 sata drive connector, plugged that into a 15mm 5TB 2.5" drive, and simply placed the drive on the shelf next to the PS4. The same thing would work with a Bolt. I did this instead of an external wall-powered esata enclosure because I'd maxed out the wall outlets in that area.
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