7th Heaven 1/23/2006 (S10E12) "Got MLK?"

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by dswallow, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. dswallow

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    Dec 3, 2000


    Surprisingly this was sort of a fun episode.

    I was actually surprised we got to see the racist remark written on Martin's car, too. Fo rmost of the episode it was always out of the frame.

    Now we know what happened to Pete from Smallville; he was exiled to Glen Oak.

    I'm not sure what most of these actors are gonna do once 7th Heaven ends. Oh wait... Skating with Celebrities. I forgot.
  2. dsmoot

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    Oct 15, 2003
    I actually thought that this was one of the worst episodes. If the teacher had just let "Pete" do his speech in the first place none of that would have happened. But then I guess they wouldnt have a full hour.

    The overall message was good, but some of the handling of events was way off base.

    Another example, at first Martin didnt want to wash his car, but at the end he just changed his mind. Why couldnt he do that earlier?
  3. tivotvaddict

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    My dd erased this episode after watching it (without me! The little brat! rofl). I don't like it enough to learn how to bit torrent, lol, - can anyone give me a general synopsis? Thanks!
  4. gilmoregirls102

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    Dec 29, 2005
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    This episode totally sucked. Again- good message, but- oh my. I want Ruthie and Martin to get together! And, I wanted to see more of Simon and Rose. That's my favorite storyline!
  5. newsposter

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    Wow wasn't that anticlimactic when you actually got to see the remaining letters on the rear window? In the beginning, i literally felt like i was getting a 'how to' primer on hate crimes. It felt like each character was literally taking a turn reading off a card to define hate crimes. I'm not sure if it was worse than normal, but i felt this one went off the deep end as far as the OMG factor and I just had to laugh at the presentations of the moral of this story. And the teacher was very wrong for making all kids redo their reports just because of one. Totally her fault as far as im concerned.

    I did like the towtruck driver scene. I guess they only have one tow truck in such a small town and he happened to be black?

    Everyone just sounded like a bad actor, collins usually does a good job but i guess maybe they knew the end was near and didn't give it his all.

    The boys, poor boys, no marykate and ashley that's for sure. I hope they stay out of tv a few years then come back in something better for them.

    When simons girlfriend thought either simon or the tv was about her, i thought OMG that woman is insane, how does he put up with her? I do hope they bring back the entire clan for the finale, even if only to show mary's spread in her magazine and use it as a lesson in smut

    I haven't been following the timeline that well but shouldn't martin have had his kid by now?

    The producers did keep annie out of most scenes thankfully. Very pleasant idea indeed. I'll miss my nitetime soap though I realize it's time to bury it.

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