750GB external eSata HD, $134 Dec. 5th only

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    Vox 750GB external hard drive with esata and usb connection.

    I understand this is not a branded name like WD/Seagate/Hitachi but they are probably using one of those brand names for the internal drive. This is a great deal and should work fine with the S3. an esata cable is also included so it should be pretty much a plug and play operation with a S3 and the current 9.2 software. With the standard internal drive on the S3 and this 750GB drive added through the esata port you should have approx ~131 hours of HD recording space or 1244 hours of SD space at best quality.


    $214.99 and you may use google checkout to get $10 off or use this buy.com coupon to get 5% off


    free shipping option.

    Then there are 2 seperate $35 rebates (yes rebates suck!) but they are what makes this final price a great deal. Print out the rebate forms and send them in. The rebate forms says it requires the original upc barcode for both forms but I've run into this before and never had a problem using a copy for one. Just keep copies.

    Vox 750gb ext eSata HD $ 214.99
    5% off buy.com coupon -10.75
    2 x $35 rebates -70.00
    free shipping .00
    final price $134.24

    $134.24/750 = 17.9 cents per gig is a pretty good deal for 750GB with external enclosure and esata connection!

    NOTE: This deal is good for Dec 4th and 5th only.

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