7 day cable card provisioning

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    In the TiVo knowledge base article CableCARD Troubleshooting, article # 000002415 there is a note at the bottom of the page that says:

    7 day card provisioning - A CableCARD is only able to be paired with a host device if done within 7 days of the cable provider flashing it with the correct connection information. This connection information is no longer valid after 7 days.

    If the cable provider has the CableCARD delivered by a technician, verify with the technician how long ago he got the card. If longer than 7 days, the CableCARD will have a higher probability of not being able to be paired.

    I have a lot of experience with TiVo (10 yrs +) and have never seen this. I searched this community web and cannot find any reference to it, and OF COURSE, my cable company, now Spectrum, has never heard this. Is this really true, has anyone here had experience with this? If this is true it would explain the countless times it has taken multiple attempts at pairing a cable card.
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    More likely it's old BS.
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    i read this as card activation following account provisioning, and here the card is usually provisioned on the account after it's installed in the tivo.

    going to the local office here involves the card being pulled out of a bucket o' cards, being provisioned to the account, and the customer then sent on their way to activate from home.

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