6.3a and MX-500 remote problem

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by kcn823, Oct 13, 2006.

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    I finally received the upgrade this morning and it has changed things on my remote control. I was switching from one macro (hdtivo) to another (HR20), and noticed that right before the inputs changed on my tv I saw the menu come up on the hdtivo. After going thru each macro step I figured out that when my MX-500 sends the signal for my a/v receiver to switch to the audio setting for the HR20, that it is the same as hitting the menu button for the hdtivo. I'm 99% sure this was not happening before the 6.3a upgrade.

    What also is weird is that the menu does not come up on the hdtivo when I use the original remote for the vsx-45tx and swtich to the audio input set for the HR20. Just when I switch to that input using the MX-500. I've tried to learn the command from the origianl remote back to the MX-500, but it still causes the menu to come up when switching.

    I just find this kind of strange all happening right after receiving the upgrade. I guess it's not that big of a deal for the hdtivo to go into the menu if I'm watching the HR20. But right now I got around it by adding another command in the macro for the hdtivo to go back to live tv as it switches to the HR20.
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    I too noticed that my HR10 behaved differently for my mx500 macros after the 6.3 upgrade. I attributed it to the slower IR response from the HR10. I know the 6.3 upgrade did not "change things on my remote control." You may want to try changing the remote control address on the HR10, but that means you would have to retrain the mx500. Your work-around is probably easier.
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    Actually, one old command accepted by the HR-10 (the obsolete 'Menu' one) is now gone, and you have to use 'Tivo' for the main menu for those programming remotes with those two options. This isn't probably useful for the MX-500, but is for the URC remotes and those using the IR program. I thought I'd mention it here since something *did* change in how the HR-10 receives remote signals. :)
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    In your macro is there a pioneer video 1 command included in it, because that command will put ALL you tivos into the menu. Pioneer Video 1 after recent upgrades, 7.1 fo SA tivo, 6.2 for SD dtivo, and now 6.3 for 10-250, has the same effect as directv/tivo command but for address "0". It doesn't matter what address your tivo is set to, that command changes them all to menu. You'll have to abandon that command for another input.

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