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Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by Dr_Diablo, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Dr_Diablo

    Dr_Diablo Dr_Diablo

    Nov 23, 2003
    I was informed this past week there will soon be a cable card that will allow the recording of 4 channels on your Premiere Tivo with the ability to access the on demand channels as well...

    Anyone else heard of this rumor thus far?
  2. daxem

    daxem New Member

    Jul 21, 2002
    CableCARDS can support 4 streams now, I think they top out at 6 (IIRC). The tuning adapters also support 4-6 streams depending on model/software. The VOD thing is a whole other world entirely. Tru2Way was supposed to allow for things like VOD, but the technology has stalled and may go the way of the video toaster.
  3. DeWitt

    DeWitt Member

    Jun 30, 2004
    But the current Premiere only has two tuners. The cable card will not fix that. Tivo has made application to the FCC for a 4 tuner box exemption, so they are obviously working on it, but it will require a new box.
  4. Dr_Diablo

    Dr_Diablo Dr_Diablo

    Nov 23, 2003
    Then I was misinformed by the tech/Stu at Tivo, for he stated that my premiere could record 4 channels once the card is made available

    Still laggin behind ATT an their DVR's ability to record 4 channels at once
  5. JimboG

    JimboG New Member

    May 27, 2007
    San Diego, CA
    The current TiVo Premiere can record two HD channels at once. AT&T's U-verse offers no HD channels, just HD-lite at 5.5 Mbps.

    U-Verse might let you record more programing streams, but they look like crap.:thumbsdown::thumbsdown::thumbsdown:
  6. aaronwt

    aaronwt UHD Addict

    Jan 31, 2002

    Do they actually let you record four HD streams? It used to only be one or two. I could record/watch more HD concurrently than that ten years ago.
  7. That Don Guy

    That Don Guy Now with more GB

    Mar 13, 2003
    Benicia, CA
    You can watch four HD shows at once, but you can only record three (and one SD) at any given moment. This is a relatively recent change (start of 2011, I think).
  8. LoREvanescence

    LoREvanescence Always Autocorrected

    Jun 19, 2007
    Salem, MA

    Actually, it has 2 Cable and 2 OTA tuners. There was another thread on here some where after the virgin tivo was released. It has 4 tuners.

    I guess tivoes software / firmware can adjust the tuners perhaps?. There could 3 cable and 1 ota, or 4 cable no ota, 1 cable and 3 ota or just 4 ota.

    So, could it be possible a premiere has 4 turners, yes, the virgin media one already does.
  9. rainwater

    rainwater Active Member

    Sep 21, 2004
    No, the premiere can only tune 2 of those sources at a time. So it will never be able to record 2 cable + 1 OTA (or 2 OTA). It's a limitation of the chip. No update will ever resolve that.
  10. jfh3

    jfh3 Active Member

    Apr 15, 2004
    Denver area
    Existing M stream CableCARDs can tune up to 4 streams. Whether the device the card is paired with supports that is a different story.

    The Premiere Elite / Q will support 4 cable streams with one CableCARD, but a regular Premiere won't ever be able to record more than 2 streams.
  11. mattack

    mattack Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 2001
    Actually, cablecards can do 6.
  12. Dr_Diablo

    Dr_Diablo Dr_Diablo

    Nov 23, 2003
    Appears even the CS @ Tivo aren't kept in the loop for they for the most part have no infomation about this ability of recording 4 channels at once...

    The last CS I spoke with, stated a new unit was in the process of being offered that will record 4 programs
  13. rainwater

    rainwater Active Member

    Sep 21, 2004
    That's because no TiVo has the ability to record 4 channels at once. TiVo CS aren't briefed on future products.

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