$350.00 for sundayticket HD?

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    BTLAMAR New Member

    May 28, 2003


    300.00 for the reciever.
    250.00 for S.T.
    100.00 more for DS.T. hd????
    Maybe I should buy a bar, make everybody pay a cover charge, & maybe then it will make sense.
    Subtract the cost for the reciever,what-ever.
    The DT rep said its only 350.00.
    I pay 100.00 amonth for dt.+ hd. now.
    Add 116 per month to get football hd for 3 months.
    Is there a more cost efective way to watch football in HD?
    Hopefully Rupert the dictator is going to go soon!
  2. generalpatton71

    generalpatton71 Open,Flash and clear

    Oct 30, 2002
    If your not a new customer you should call customer retention and tell them your upset over this. I got superfan free this year and a free HR10-250. I plan on calling in several months for the new HR20 when they turn on it's OTA tuners. You should be able to find the retention number on this board somewhere. I'd search in the free HR10-250 thread.
  3. CessnaDriver

    CessnaDriver New Member

    Oct 25, 2003
    Fort Worth, TX
    When you say you got Superfan free, do you mean you are paying for NFL Sunday Ticket and got the $99 HD option for free? Or do you get it ALL free?

    I called retention last week and asked if there were any specials for NFL, and they gave me Sunday ticket for 4 payments of $50 (instead of 5 payments) and Super Fan for free.
  4. ebonovic

    ebonovic has gone his way...

    Jul 24, 2001
    Legally and correctly subscriber business establishments pay a WHOLE lot more for Sunday Ticket the the home user... so.....

    Yes... just watch the two games you get on your local stations.
    Or go to the bar each which and spend $50 in food and drink....

    As for the pricing to change... are you kidding?
    The number of subscribers for Sunday Ticket went UP this year... and even more people signed up for the Superfan package....

    Even if Liberty takes it over... they are not going to lower the price for a package that still is drawing in the subscribers.... If anything over the next 5 years (I think it is 2011 that the NFL contract expires)... expect the price to go up...

    And this is one of the reasons why I "don't" subscribe to the Sunday ticket.
    The 4-5 games a week that I get for "free" in HD, are plenty enough... and enjoy footballl just as much as the next guy... but with the internet for my stats in fantasy... I don't need 9 TV's to watch all teh games and NFL network at the same time...

    MRPNANCE New Member

    Jan 30, 2003
    Upland, Ca


    I agree this is a rip off.. i pay for the sunday ticket and I pay for the high def channels and now they want me to pay $100 mre to get the games in high def? how many imes will I have to pay for high def channels...
  6. Elstevo

    Elstevo New Member

    Jan 26, 2005
    The question there would be why do you expect NFLST HD games to be part of the HD package?
  7. EMoMoney

    EMoMoney Big and Tall

    Oct 30, 2001
    What happened to the good ole days when it was only $119? Oh wait, that was only 6 years ago. I don't know of many products that have increased in prive over 200% in 6 years.
  8. Elstevo

    Elstevo New Member

    Jan 26, 2005
    So don't buy it?

    This is a special part of a optional package to begin. SuperFan is right... emphasis on the fanaticism.

    Sunday Ticket was $149 for early bird, $169 for normal season 6 years ago. it is now $219 for the similar package, with better quality and less blackouts in theory this year. It's gone up $50 over 6 years.


    The HD and extra fluff wasn't there 6 years ago, is expensive to produce and all that jazz, why should it be free? Would you prefer it be half the price and added to the standard Sunday Ticket price and bend everyone who could car less over in the process? The same goes again for the remark about 'how many times do I have to pay for HD channels...' Do you want them to add it to the HD package, and inflate the price to compensate? You want HD to cost you $100/mo by itself, with a commitment to sub to it whenever you do to prevent people from just getting what they need from it and dropping it?

    Many new people are getting equipment and huge discounts for a number of months as well, like they do every year.

    What is the problem? What is DirecTV supposed to do, eat it as the costs and the value of their programming continue to rise? Some of that has to be passed to the consumer, and as long as the product is improving, I don't see a problem with that.
  9. ebonovic

    ebonovic has gone his way...

    Jul 24, 2001
    Wanna see my Gas, Electric, Cell, or Internet Bill ?

    Have you seen how much the "contract" with the NFL went up to during the last renewal?

    Someone has to pay those un-proven rookies in the league their guaranteed $20 million dollars, so they can get everything else for free...

    It is only going to get higher and higher...
  10. PatNOregon

    PatNOregon New Member

    Oct 14, 2002
    Here is my testimonial as a NFL ST / Superfan newbie.

    I was on the fence all week on whether or not to get NFL ST to watch my niners play (I just moved from OR to AZ) and after seeing the Cardinal and 49er schedules there were going to be only 2 49 er games this year in AZ on the local channels, (when they play the cardinals, duh).

    In July, I jumped on the Free 10-250 deal and as part of it (as have others) I got them to put in my notes that if I did sign up with NFL ST they would throw in the Superfan for Free, so I was going to save the $100, but that didnt make the decision any easier. I'm not a football fanatic, I'm a baseball guy and the cost per game for your team in MLB Extra Innings is less than $2 so its a no brainer for me each year. Dont get me wrong, I love my niners, and I watch all the pre/post games, and Sunday/Monday night regardless of who is playing, but I dont have 2+ TV's in my room to watch multiple games, I dont go to bar's to watch games, and I dont do Fantasy Football. So again, football fan, not a football nut. So $250 definately seemed steep, especailly knowing how much cheaper it has been in years past.

    But I bit the bullet this morning and just got it, I figured what the hell the $16.67 per niner game the rest of the season + being able to watch games like the Eagles and Giants today (nice comeback G-Men) is worth the price.

    I will say this, I found myself glued to the Red Zone channel for the morning games. Now thats how I like to watch football, show me all the big plays as they happen. Especially as I was trying to hop back and forth between games, I just spent the next 2 hours watching Red Zone. I think its the best feature (other than HD of course) that the pacakge offers. I'm looking forward to checking out the 30 min shortcuts tomorrow as well.

    Bottom line, I'm glad I got it, on top of that the niners managed to win (shocker!) and I wouldnt have seen it without NFL ST. Now ask me the same question after they go 0-14 the rest of the season, but right now I'm a happy guy.
  11. Charlutz

    Charlutz New Member

    Apr 7, 2005
    Columbia, MD
    Maybe because 2 years ago (2004 season) the HD games were included for free as part of ST?
  12. mwl001

    mwl001 New Member

    Dec 4, 2002
    Phoenix, AZ
    Pricing on this is going the way of everything else these days -- just because it's the way things are doesn't make it "right", but we're not in control. For example, take restaurants. They want to make more money, but you can't raise the price without giving the customer more, they'll notice, feel ripped off, and go somewhere else, even if the same thing is happening elsewhere. What to do? I know, we'll give 'em a little more food and charge more than what it costs to add, or add a lot more food and charge a lot more. Still seems ok to the customer, because you've changed both what they get and what they're charged, so they can't make an apples to apples comparison like when you fix one of those variables. Also, you can't make it cheaper by ordering a la carte, so you're stuck. Same with ST. I'd really be ok getting the same level of service as before, and paying the same price, meaning all the games, in SD, no extra channels, no 30 minute games w/o commercials, at the same price, but we'd all be furious paying 2x as much without anything else. HD is nice, but the real draw for me is being able to see my out of market home team, vs. not having that option. Also, DirecTV toyed (at least I think they did) of allowing you to buy a single team's games, or pay per week, but they probably realized at the prices they're charging for the full package they would lose a lot of money by doing that, yet by not doing it they lost few subscribers -- smart move.
  13. Elstevo

    Elstevo New Member

    Jan 26, 2005
    For what you're describing, it is only $219/mo, $50 increase over 6 years is really nothing in the grand scheme of things.

    NFL Pay Per Weekend is generally very overpriced to encourage you to just purchase the full package, and is generally not advertised heavilly. No idea if it is available this year.

    As for HD being available for free a couple of years ago, it was hardly comparable to what is available today, both in quantity and quality, as both the broadcasts and the transmissions (in theory) have improved since then. You're also getting a bit more than HD for that fee.

    Those who value that, will pay no problem. Those that are on the fence will argue about it on forums. Those that don't care, enjoy the rest of their programming.
  14. ayrton911

    ayrton911 F1 TiVo

    Sep 4, 2000
    Yes, $350 is too much to me, so I simply don't buy it rather than throw a big fuss.

    If I ever find it worth it to me, I will get it.

    True though, if the standard price included HD, I would probably get it. As it is now, I get enough games in HD and my favorite team.
  15. wchittenden

    wchittenden New Member

    Apr 19, 2001
    San Marcos, TX
    Unfortunately, if you are a Bears fan in Texas, Sunday Ticket is the only way to watch the Bears most weeks. My guess is that many subscribe to ST for the same reason: They live outside of "their" team's home market. If I was a Cowboys fan, I would not subscribe to ST since all of their games are broadcast locally.
  16. Vroomfondel

    Vroomfondel New Member

    Jul 10, 2006
    Difference is these are bills you HAVE to pay (well, maybe not for the cell or internet) and they are either regulated by the government or by competition.

    D* has an exclusive on ST, but you still have a choice - pay for it or don't pay for it! Simple really.
  17. rrr22777

    rrr22777 New Member

    Jul 31, 2002
    Or you could be Lions fan in California but in any case why watch :)

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