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    So I have 3 tivo's in my room (and they all sit on a shelf in this order)

    series 3
    Series 4
    Series 2

    I have the glow remote as well as the classic peanut remote where I can switch it to the Number 1 and use the series 3 and switch it to number 2 and use the series 4 ...but now I added in the series 2 which operates on number 1 on the remote ...I just have to be careful useing it so the series 3 does not take in the input

    just wondering if any one has a better way to use one or maybe 2 remotes to control all the TIVO's

  2. innocentfreak

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    Aug 25, 2001
    I have multiple TiVos in the same room. I just used a label maker and put a label on the remotes except for the main TiVo which uses the slide remote.

    If you set them all to different remote addresses you should know pretty quickly if you pick up the wrong remote since nothing will happen.
  3. ThAbtO

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    The S4 Premiere remote is different then the others.

    You can use 1 remote for both the S2 and S3. Choose a code from 1-9 for each of the S2 and S3.
    The Glow Remote has the 1-2 switch. Cover the remote sensors on the other Tivos except the one you are setting, set the switch to 1 (Lets say you chose 1 for this Tivo) and go to the menu with System Information screen. Press and hold Tivo and Pause buttons until the red light stays on and press 1. Press left arrow to leave System Information screen and its set.

    Set switch to 2 and repeat above with the other Tivo (Lets say you chose 2 for this Tivo). Press and hold Tivo and Pause until red light stays on, press 2.

    Finally for the S4 Premiere and the Premiere remote (lets say you chose 3); repeat above but press 3.

    Now when you choose any Tivo to use, the others will not interact.

    The Premiere remote has the multi colored buttons while the others do no.

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