250 as OTA tuner only?

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  1. isbellHFh

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    Let us imagine that I simply left DirectTV.

    Could I still use my HD-250 as an HD OTA tuner with all the usual TiVo features / guides, etc? Or for that to work would I have to maintain at least a minimal DirectTV subscription and pay for TiVo service through them? If the latter, how long would that last before the DirectTV / TiVo relationship ends? If all I'm going to do is OTA, would I just be better off buying a Series 3 and transferring my Series 1 lifetime (I suppose I have 12 hours to figure that out)?

    (I'm asking because I'm seriously rethinking my relationship with TV, Sat & Cable. In a world where I can download movies & tv in HD onto my hard drive, I'm not sure why I want cable/sat. I don't surf now. I only watch specific shows I care about. The only reason to keep the OTA stuff is because it's free and I can watch the occassional random show I want to try and the football game I suddenly care about. I'm thinking that instead of moving to Series 3 and Comcast (spit) when my 250 becomes useless with DirectTV, I could just spend the money on a good RAID solution and be done with it. And, no, I'm not trolling. I'm just torn. I feel like I'm leaving a girlfriend I've been happy with for years just because someone new who wears tighter skirts has been flirting with me.)

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    A quick search finds this question is asked about once a week. He's the answer from last week - link.

  3. David Platt

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    That is the best description I've heard of exactly how I'm feeling about leaving D* for FiOS when it's available here. :up:
  4. mr.unnatural

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    Feb 2, 2006
    And yet another link to another thread filled with misinformation. As long as the HDTivo is connected to a sat feed you will receive guide data, regardless of your account status. It doesn't disappear or run out when you discontinue your DTV account or DVR service. You just won't be able to use any of the Tivo features such as the record function, season passes, etc. It will work just fine as an OTA receiver without a DTV sub.

    I've got S2 SD DTivos set up for MRV that have never been activated on my DTV account and they've been getting guide data for years. The only caveat is that you may need an access card inserted in the card slot. You can even watch OTA broadcasts using an HDTivo without a card in the slot since it has nothing to do with your DTV subscription. You won't even get a nag message about inserting the card unless you try tuning to a DTV channel.
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    How about this...my HR10 with 3.1 was like a skinny hot girlfriend, but my 6.3a HR10 is like that same girlfriend after putting on 30 lbs and developing an attitude. And neither of them will do that "certain act" I want (MPEG-4).
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    May 18, 2002
    Will it download the latest os if it's not activated?
  7. MeStinkBAD

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    Yeah it should. You can get data from sats, plus still call in regardless of account status. And denying someone an update is a potential way to loose a customer forever if that update happens to be considered critical.

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