24-Should I watch Season 5 prequel?

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by Zevida, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. Zevida

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    Nov 8, 2003
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    No spoilers!!!

    I religiously avoid any and all spoilers for 24. I don't watch any previews. I change the channel on the radio or TV when a commerical for it comes on. I don't read anything about it. I don't want to know a thing.

    I've got the 24 season 4 DVD set and I know there is a Season 5 "prequel". So is this prequel just an elaborate preview/commerical/spoiler for season 5, or does it have actual value as part of the story? As someone who doesn't want to be spoiled, should I watch or not? The clock is ticking, I've got to do it soon if I should watch.

  2. JimSpence

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    Sep 19, 2001
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    What prequel are you talking about? Is it a prequel/preview on the DVD set for S5?
    Tonight and Monday night are the first four hours for season 5.

    BTW, for those on the east coast, double check your recording options as the football game may go long.
  3. LoadStar

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    Jul 24, 2001
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    It really doesn't have much to add to the storyline.

    It's a really cool car chase, with the Toyota that Jack's driving winning because the whole thing is sponsored by Toyota. Other than that, really nothing to speak of in terms of the storyline for either s4 or s5.

    More or less, it's an extended commercial for s5 - I have this feeling it's what they use at the upfronts to present the series to the media.
  4. Zevida

    Zevida witless and unarmed TCF Club

    Nov 8, 2003
    San Jose, CA
    Jim - Yeah, it's something on the season 4 DVD set.

    LoadStar - Thanks, I'll skip it for now, maybe watch it after the season 5 premiere.

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