2006 Dakar Rally on OLN

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    I did a search for 'Dakar' but didn't see a thread for this. OLN (Outdoor Life Network) has started daily coverage of the '2006 Dakar Rally' (that's the series title in TiVo). 30 minute daily shows airing each afternoon, with extended coverage on Sat., Jan 14. After Speed dropped their comprehensive coverage, it's good to see a high level of coverage again.
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    Last year's coverage of Dakar by OLN was pathetic. They did not air any coverage at all during the race which ended on Jan 15. Then the day after the race ended, they had a summary show which consisted of 75% coverage of one American who finished, like 119th (and coincidently was sponsored by OLN/Discovery Networks).

    And what's with the pronunciation of Dakar: it's dah-kar, not dik-ar.


    This year's coverage is much better than last year's, but Speed's coverage was better still.
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    Get use to poor coverage with OLN. They'll hype it up then deliver squat.
    Look at what they did are doing with cycling coverage. Holding all the rights to the major races but showing an hr recap of a 3 week long race two weeks after the fact.

    OLN sucks big weenies

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