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    This is designated to be the complete thread providing information regarding a concept called shared-window, repurposed (repurposing), encore or multipurposing. It will be updated as announcements are made by networks, cable networks, or production companies regarding broadcast network shows that will have a second or more airings on partner channels. Tracking these showings started four seasons ago on this forum and with modest growths in the programs participating, I hope this thread can be even more comprehensive as each year goes by.

    To best use this concept with TiVo, you would create a Title Auto-Record (AR), First Run Only option (FRO) Wishlist (WL) (called TAFWL from hereon). There are sometimes slight variations to the TAFWL that will be noted to help optimize. The special phrase provided in quotes should be used for the title (including the quotes) in the TAFWL.

    There is a FAQ in the second post to help answer questions you may have about shared-window and why this is an important/useful concept to use with TiVo devices.

    If you have show updates including a link to a web article, please post to this thread or send me a PM. By keeping all of the information to one thread, I hope this provides a service to the TiVo community.

    Note: Air times are only provided as a guidance, but there will be variations. The TAFWL will watch the moving time slot and do keep an active watch on your ToDo list in case other show priorities cause problems.

    Okay, here is the latest as of January 5, 2006.

    HD designations when applicable are provided.

    From time to time, ABC will air popular shows on Saturdays for those who missed the original airing. These airings are not consistent for all shows, but are available for shows including Commander in Chief, Desperate Housewives, Invasion and Lost.

    The Bachelor will likely encore on ABC Family near the end of its ABC run.

    There are currently no known shows scheduled for second airings.

    There are currently no known shows scheduled for second airings.

    When the new Apprentice returns (Trump from California), it will encore on CNBC.

    CNBC and Bravo are showing many NBC shows in a recent rerun fashion.

    The Apprentice (Donald Trump) (CNBC)
    (TAFWL use "The Apprentice") (day varies 8pm Pacific) (NBC SD, CNBC SD)
    This TAFWL also records the Martha Stewart version using the same principles.

    The Apprentice: Martha Stewart (CNBC)
    (TAFWL use The Apprentice Martha - no quotes) (Thu and Mon 5pm/8pm Pacific) (NBC SD, CNBC SD)

    Las Vegas (TNT)
    (AFWL use Actor WL/"James Lesure") (Tue 10p E/P) (NBC HD, TNT HD?)

    Law and Order: CI (USA Network)
    (TAFWL use "Criminal Intent") (Sat 11p E/P) (NBC HD, USA SD)

    Law and Order: SVU (USA Network)
    (TAFWL use "Special Victims Unit") (day times vary) (NBC HD, USA SD)

    My Name Is Earl (NOT CURRENTLY ENCORING) (Bravo)
    (TAFWL use "My Name Is Earl") (day times vary) (NBC HD, Bravo SD)

    The Office (NOT CURRENTLY ENCORING) (Bravo)
    (AFWL use Actor WL/"Jenna Fischer") (day times vary) (NBC HD, Bravo SD)

    Surface (Sci Fi)
    (AFWL use Actor WL/"Carter Jenkins") (day times vary) (NBC HD, Sci Fi SD)

    Three Wishes (USA Network)
    (TAFWL use "Three Wishes") (day times vary) (NBC SD, USA SD)

    Beauty and the Geek (WB encores)
    (TAFWL use Beauty Geek) (Wed 9p E/P) (WB SD)

    (TAFWL use Drama/Suspense with "Charmed") (Tue midnight E/P) (WB SD, TNT HD maybe?)

    Supernatural (WB Easy View - where available)
    (AFWL use Actor WL/"Jensen Ackles") (Sun 5p E/P) (WB HD)

    Twins (WB Easy View - where available)
    (AFWL use Actor WL/"Molly Stanton") (Sun 6:30p E/P) (WB HD)

    What I Like About You (WB Easy View - where available)
    (TAFWL use "What I Like About You") (Sun 6p E/P) (WB HD)

    Easy View is also at the discretion of the affiliate. In most regions, it starts at 5pm ET/PT on Sundays.

    America's Next Top Model (UPN Encore)
    (TAFWL use "Next Top Model") (Tue 8p E/P) (UPN SD)

    Some affiliates may encore other UPN programming on the weekends (such as Veronica Mars).

    A list of possible shows that might be second-aired or the unique broadcast reruns of original cable shows:
    Any network reality show not in the top 30 ratings.

    A list of possible partner networks based on cross-ownership:
    CBS: UPN, Any cable network in the MTV Networks/Viacom family
    NBC: Bravo, USA Network, Sci-Fi, CNBC, MSNBC, Telemundo (NBCUni)
    ABC: ABC Family, USA Network (via production deal)
    WB: Any cable network in the Time Warner family
    UPN: Any cable network in the MTV Networks/Viacom family
    Fox: FX

    Interesting factoids:

    I couldn't think of what the O stood for in TiVo, but 24, West Wing, and Alias are good. You can use AR WLs to record pilots to catch most of the new shows out there too each season.

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    1. Okay, so how do you do this again?

    Go to the Wishlist section and Create a new Title Wishlist. Enter the TAFWL text recommended. Sometimes, you will need to pick a type of show to prevent recording unrelated programming (otherwise select no specific show type). Make the wishlist an auto-record (AR) type and change the show option to record first run only (FRO). When you are done, prioritize this TAFWL in your season pass manager (SPM) as desired. It can typically go lower than non-TAFWL shows because of the additional airings, but do check your To Do List (TDL) to make sure you are getting what you want.

    2. Can you explain in more detail why it is useful?

    This process allows TiVo owners to better manage recording of new shows from broadcast networks that often don't have the airing frequency of new shows on cable networks. If you are unable to record the first broadcast airing of a show on the network channel specified because of a higher-priority conflict, limited tuner availability, etc., this method gives you the opportunity to automatically record other airings that may occur on other channels.

    2. So how is this different than setting up two season passes?

    In my opinion, a single TAFWL in the Season Pass manager is easier to handle and maintain than multiple season passes. Current Season Pass technology does not allow recording across multiple channels.

    3. Why don't you include original cable shows that air multiple times?

    Because every original cable show does this and you should already be using either a lower-priority SP or a WL to record such shows. This is still rare on the broadcast side for a number of reasons.

    4. How come all original broadcast shows don't do second airings?

    The main idea is to build ratings into the first airing to get the best rate on the ad dollar. So far, ad rate deals are set based on a single airing in most cases and not on cumulative ratings. Also, rights and royalty issues are very complex. Finally, if a show is shown too often, it may weaken its rerun/syndication use. For this last reason, comedy or expensive drama types of shows will rarely be repurposed.

    5. Why do I have to wait up to two weeks or some odd recording time to see the episode from the date it originally aired?

    This is often the trick of these type of deals to prevent too much weakening of the first airing. If you must-see the show right away for water cooler talk, then you need to move your SP up in priority enough to catch the first airing. You should expect to wait between 3 and 14 days before the second airing is recorded.

    6. Any more tips for managing the SPM (Season Pass Manager)?

    With some contributions from Z'Loth and BrettStah, in general you want to rank show with two priorities in mind. Shows that you like more and shows that air more often. Unfortunately, TiVo does not offer a method to pick a 'close' to optimal based on airings, so we have some guidelines.

    From top to bottom, here is one suggested method of ranking. Within each ranking group, it is highly recommended that shows based on preference or least-conflicting air date/time should take preference.

    A. Shows that only air one time for the near future and other broadcast shows that you are not willing to miss during the regular season (usually applies only to broadcast networks). These shows include items like: Survivor, 60 Minutes, Dateline, 20/20.

    B. Shows that you are willing to catch in the summer (most broadcast comedies/dramas such as Without a Trace, Cold Case, Law and Order, According to Jim)

    C. Shows that have multiple airings (all original cable shows, TAFWL shows)

    You can use filler TAFWLs such as a line of quotes ("""""""""""""""""""""""") (it will have no matching programs) to help separate sections if you want to keep track of the program choices.

    7. Okay, when I go to look at the matching shows for the TAFWL, I only see the airings for the broadcast channel and not the cable repeats. Is my TAFWL going to work?

    Ah, what you're seeing is a trick of the default display of the WL area.

    In WL area, when you see the initial matching list of showings, it will not show any one specific episode twice. So, if the next airing of each unique episode is on the broadcast channel side, those will show up in the matching display list. This *does not* mean that your TAFWL is not going to match to the cable airings. To prove this concept, check the matching list on your WL when you know the next airing of a particular episode on any network is the cable version and you should see the cable version pop up on the first matching screen on the WL.

    This was done in general on the WL feature to prevent showing the same episode twice as part of the matching list, but the TAFWL will find an appropriate alternate airing to record if the first listed showing of the episode causes a conflict with a higher-rated ARWL, SP, or single-check recording. The blue star will show up on the encore airings when you setup the TAFWL appropriately if you can't record the initial airings and you do have openings to schedule the cable airings.

    8. I have another question...

    Please post it to this thread or PM, and you should get the answer you want. I'll update this FAQ as needed.


    Link to 2002-2003 thread: thread

    Link to 2003-2004 thread: thread

    Link to 2004-2005 thread: thread
  3. Dmon4u

    Dmon4u Unresponsive User

    Jul 15, 2000
  4. rasheed

    rasheed New Member

    Oct 9, 2000
    Thanks, I have added this to the main post:


    Keep this information coming. It will be small tidbits here and there where we learn about these additional airings (especially for shows not completely in the guide data).

  5. stlarenas

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    Sep 16, 2005
    near St...


    I understand ( I think) what is being done above. Here is my problem. I want to know when the 2005 (upcoming) episode of The Apprenice is being reshown on CNBC. I see that they are showing episodes on CNBC in the weeks to come, but there is no specific episode names or descriptions. I also know that they have been showing last years Apprentice episodes all summer. Without any episode specific data, how can I tell which night and time is this seasons?

    This must have something to do with first run only, but there are multiple showings on CNBC each week....how can these all be first run (when IMO - none of them are truely "first run")

    PS...I already checked the original air date in the info and they all say "1/8/04"
  6. rasheed

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    Oct 9, 2000
    Yes, you are right, CNBC is not good with getting specific episode data for its encores of Apprentice. Thus, these generic Apprentice episodes are recorded by TiVo as FRO episodes just in case. It is hoped that the data improves as the season goes on, but you can definitely manually delete extra episodes from your To Do List.

    To help, here is the first week encore schedule:

    Apprentice (Donald Trump)
    First airs: Thursday, 9pm ET/PT
    CNBC first airs: Friday, 8pm PT (11pm ET) *ASSUMED*
    CNBC second airs: Tuesday, 8pm PT (11pm ET) *ASSUMED*

    Apprentice: Martha Stewart
    First airs: Wednesday, 8pm, ET/PT
    CNBC first airs: Thursday, 8pm PT (11pm ET)
    CNBC second airs: Monday, 8pm PT (11pm ET)
    (Guide data is actually good for at least the first week of CNBC Martha Stewart)

  7. cwoody222

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    Nov 13, 1999
    Buffalo, NY
    I wish Bravo would fix their listings.

    My Name is Earl seems to only have generic episode data.

    And The Office has a wrong SeriesID so TiVo thinks it's the BBC version. The episode number is at least "correct" (201).
  8. ellinj

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    Feb 26, 2002
    This is fantastic information,

  9. rasheed

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    Oct 9, 2000
    Bravo is listing the correct information for at least the Pilot now and the right Office episode for the one upcoming. Hopefully, it will continue to trickle in as needed.

  10. coldtoes

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    May 29, 2002
    Boston, MA
    This is great, as always. Mods, can it be sticky? I had to <gasp> search!
  11. jeff125va

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    Mar 15, 2001
    Ashburn, VA USA
    I noticed that a re-airing of the first two episodes of "Invasion" in my To Do list for I believe Saturday, Oct. 2 at either 8 or 9 P.M. It's a 2-hour program and evidently is counted as a separate episode, since my SP picked it up.
  12. apathasia

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    Dec 9, 2002
    Glenview IL
    According to TV Gal, Veronica Mars will be reaired on Sats or Suns by the various UPN affiliates. Of course the time mine chose doesn't work for me. I hope others fare better!
  13. sieglinde

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    Aug 11, 2002
    Sebastopol, CA
    I thought that E-Ring was reshown but just the pilot is showing up on USA.
  14. rasheed

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    Oct 9, 2000
    The original post did indicate weekend encores for UPN and included Veronica Mars as an example.

    I removed E-Ring from active encores. I am more concerned about the show being cancelled at this point.

  15. cwoody222

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    Nov 13, 1999
    Buffalo, NY
    I know it was never confirmed to continue but - warning - Bravo reruns of The Office and Earl episode 3 (of each) aren't showing up. Their Thurs slot is taken by Apprentice: Martha.

    NBC is doing a mini-Earl marathon next Saturday, though.

    Plus, House will be break for 2-4 for baseball but that may free up some recording space.

    Looks like we can't - at least yet - count on the Bravo reruns.
  16. Mike20878

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    Jun 8, 2001
    Can this be made a sticky thread?

  17. rasheed

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    Oct 9, 2000
    I can't believe I missed that Las Vegas NEW episodes are airing on TNT under a half-million dollar per episode deal with NBC. While NBC has eased back some of the airings after the premiere week, NBC was not considered a likely candidate to do so much encoring. Now, you may likely watch most of your NBC shows not on the broadcast network anymore.

    Also added a note about ABC's every-so-often Saturday encores.
  18. Mike20878

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    Jun 8, 2001
    What does it take to get a thread made sticky? My duplicate request here makes it the third request I think.

    Is there a way to set a TAFWL for The Apprentice and have it ignore the Martha Stewart version?
  19. rasheed

    rasheed New Member

    Oct 9, 2000
    Yes, it is possible.

    Do an Actor auto-record first run wishlist with either:

    Carolyn Kepcher or
    George Ross

    Don't try Donald Trump as he works on Martha's show as well.

  20. MirclMax

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    Jul 12, 2000

    Does anyone know if TNT is still repurposing Charmed? The listings don't seem to indicate it.


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