20.5.6 Release Notes (Roamio)

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by TiVoMargret, Nov 30, 2015.

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    Joe01880 I love my TiVo

    Feb 8, 2009


    No you don't, go see a doctor, get better soon and quit whining about TiVo!

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    ncfoster Member

    Jan 22, 2011
    The latest update (I'm on the priority list, if that matters) seems to have introduced a new bug for me. It is a variation of something that I have seen in the past related to color space. Now, it is specific to Xfinity OnDemand shows.

    My setup is that I have a Tivo Premiere and a PS4 connected to my Marantz SR5002 receiver. That receiver feeds into a monoprice HDMI switch. The switch serves to allow me to use two HDMI inputs on my Pioneer Kuro Signature Elite Pro-101FD monitor. In order to make things more user-friendly, I have had to do this, since I end up with strange color space/handshake problems if I use only one HDMI input on the display...and also to allow me to use game-settings when using the PS4.

    I certainly imagine that it does not affect many. However, with various software updates over time, this behavior has changed on multiple occasions (I cannot list the specific versions which were affected). The first time I was greeted with the message that my Tivo had updated to 20.5.6, it was clear that the behavior had changed yet again.

    Normally, if I cycle through enough iterations on the input-specific settings for my display, I can figure out a workable setting. However, this time, I have one specific problem with Xfinity OnDemand shows. Everything is too bright. The black level is way too high. At first I thought that it was a question of RGB 0-255 to RGB 16-255 setting. However, no setting between "Auto", "YUV422", "YUV444", "RGB 16-255" or "RGB 0-255" yields an acceptable result. In the past, different settings have been necessary. My best recollection is that in the past software version I used one of the two YUV settings. In the current version, "Auto" works fine for most purposes. I am not sure what it settles on, but it appears to be one of the RGB settings.

    If I watch the same show live or recorded, it is fine. This appears to persist across all shows that I have tried, including SD and HD, different networks, etc. Power-cycling of devices does not change anything. This behavior appears to occur consistently (even though I only discovered it recently).

    I have to presume that something has changed with regard to how the Roamio is treating color spaces in general, but I don't see it documented (now, or in the past). Can anyone speak to this? It renders OnDemand unusable for my purposes at the moment.
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    samccfl99 I Am Sometimes Vocal

    Sep 7, 2013
    Oh my, I really love when people talk about me. NO, but I finally got the update this morning in S Fla and rebooted about 1 am and I must say that I am impressed for the first time in quite a while.

    I wanted to say that amazingly, the audio HDMI sync problem going in and out of Tivo Central seems to be gone! It still drops audio for a split second, but very little delay. In All Cases. I am speechless...almost. It only took them 2 years, but I am glad.

    It seems a bit odd that QuickMode seems to be a bit faster on the Roamio Pro then my Mini. I wonder if anyone else finds this to be true? Also when watching a recording, the Zoom button does not bring you back to where you were in Tivo Central anymore. However it still does work to get you back to the recording. Am I crazy?

    Had a new and weird problem when it rebooted this time. The guide was not filled in at all. That never happened before. I rebooted a couple of times and reconnected many and it did not fix it. Finally I later connected and it downloaded it. Weird. Some channels were unchecked and I had to re-enter my Netflix pw (at least it kept the email). Minor things.

    Well, there's my report. My wish list is getting smaller. Now if they would just fix to allow the Group Position pointers in the database to be permanent instead of putting them in Cache, thereby causing them to all be at the top position after reboot and making you lose your place in ALL groups (Margret thinks that was a good answer from CA development) and add a 4th REW/FF speed and make 15 minute tics always, then I would not be complaining. Oh and lets not forget a screen where we can choose from the last several things the tivo has played and finally MAYBE they can fix the CLEAR function in The To Do List to not ask you if you want to clear it when you press that button, like the way it works in My Shows. SLOPPY.

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    JoeKustra in the other Alabama TCF Club

    Dec 7, 2012
    Ashland, PA...
    Non-priority list Roamio received the update overnight. Hit guide and saw icons for networks. Very nice.
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    HerronScott Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2002
    Staunton, VA


    Do you have the output resolution settings the same between the Roamio and the Premiere? If the Premiere was configured for fixed and the Roamio is not then you might see a difference as it switches resolution for some channels.

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    Alan Gordon

    Alan Gordon Chancellor

    May 15, 2005
    Dawson, GA

    One of my TVs with a Roamio hooked up to it doesn't have sound since the update. :(

    The other TV with a Roamio hooked up to it will occasionally have the audio sounding muted and strange. I can change the audio settings back and forth and it'll fix itself. Sometimes it'll act fine, and other times it won't.

    For the record, I tried changing the audio settings back and forth on the TV with no audio. It didn't solve the problem. :(
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    astrohip Well-Known Raconteur TCF Club

    Jan 6, 2003
    I disagree. I like that it asks. You can always recover a deleted show, so the no-ask button has a fallback. But sometimes, my feeble mind gets confused, and I hit Clear to escape the To-Do List screen. When I get the "Are You Sure" prompt, I remember what an idiot I am and say no. And there is no fallback except hoping you remember what you deleted, and recreating the recording request.

    I think TiVo has given more thought to these prompts than how any single individual wants them to work.
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    Photo_guy Member

    Mar 12, 2015
    I just had the 20.5.6 release appear on my Roamio OTA. One thing I noticed is that I seem to have lost some of the folder organization I had previous to the upgrade. I had a Onepass set up to record Sci Fi movies and those had been in a nice separate folder but now they are all listed individually in the main recordings folder.
    IS there a way to fix this that I am not aware of?
    Anyone else see this?
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    cgould Member

    Dec 28, 2002
    Bay Area, CA
    Very happy with QuickMode on my roamio (and mini), especially happy that Closed Captions still work on it -
    and even better, CC's now work on FFwd speed 1, also, just like my aging/soon to expire S3!!
    Many thanks as busy parent for fixing that! Now I get nice audio to go with my speed reading of dialog :)
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    samccfl99 I Am Sometimes Vocal

    Sep 7, 2013
    I did not know about the Clear button at all for a couple of years and thought it was a pain in the butt and stupid that when you deleted something that it asked the question. Many people refer people to that feature, so I was just saying it is sloppy because it should work the same in the To Do List as it does in My Shows...Without The Question...LOL.

    Also watching Hardball with Chris Mathews is a hoot in QuickMode!!! :D:up::)

    As far as your last statement: :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::D

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    modnar Active Member

    Oct 15, 2000
    Arkansas, USA

    I ended up having to repeat Guided Setup to get this to work. Nice feature!
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    HeatherA Old AVS Forum Member

    Jan 9, 2002
    Got the update today, then got a notice of all my channels being added? and then realized that NOTHING was recording today. My todo list is empty. SMH. Not even sure where to start to fix this mess. Looks like all my program information was deleted in the update and none was download after the update.

    This is the first update I've had since 1999 to cause such a mess, so I guess it was time ;)
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    achalupa Member

    Oct 27, 2008
    Anybody else having issues with the Episodes listing on a remote TiVo?

    1) Navigated from my Roamio Basic to a Premiere
    2) Selected a show
    3) Select either "More Options -> Explorer this show" (if single episode) or "Explore this show" (if folder)
    4) Select Episodes and nothing ever loads

    It works fine when navigating shows on the local TiVo, but not on a remote TiVo.
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    krkaufman TDL shepherd

    Nov 25, 2003
    I've been having a similar problem on my Minis that I had hoped would just go away.

    Via the "Explore this show" option for a given show...
    • the "Episodes" tab in the left column is missing;

    • simply highlighting the "If you like this..." tab in the left column causes a C501 error;
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    ej42137 Well-Known Member

    Feb 15, 2014
    Los Angeles
    It works for me.

    There seem to be even more things that depend on the TiVo server than before 20.5.6. It apparently now needs to ask the server for SkipMode data before it plays a recording, for example. Before it seemed to talk to the server if it was going to display information about the recording but not if it was going to play it directly.
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    ncfoster Member

    Jan 22, 2011
    Bump with a tl;dr

    Is anyone else experiencing changes in the Tivo's behavior with color spaces and/or problems with Xfinity OnDemand in the new software?
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    headless chicken

    headless chicken Member

    Oct 8, 2004
    Ever since the update the thumbs up and thumbs down sounds have no longer been working for me. Conversely, the 30s skip bloop which I have not heard in years has made a sporadic return.
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    dlfl Cranky old novice

    Jul 6, 2006
    Dayton OH
    Just a suggestion: Before complaining about some post-update glitch, try restarting.
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    ck2875 New Member

    Dec 9, 2015
    For those experiencing issues with input lag when using the remote to skip forward or pause/play while watching recordings, try turning off "Dolby" audio in settings. I turned it off and everything is back to normal (though the audio isn't as good).
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    dlfl Cranky old novice

    Jul 6, 2006
    Dayton OH
    Try turning it back on. Could be just toggling it clears the glitch. Not right, I know, but .......

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