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    Is the 2 year comittment that is triggered when activating a new DVR a committment to DTV programming only or does it also require that you keep the DVR activated and pay the DVR fee for the 2 years.

    In other words, if I have a family member or friend who already subscribes to DTV but who has no interest in getting a DTivo, can I get them to get a DTivo, activate it in order to get the rebate, then deactivate it and give it to me? Would they then only have a 2 year committment to the programming they already receive?
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    They would have a two-year commitment. The commitment is to maintain a "Total Choice" tier for two years.

    Directv doesn't really care whether you use the DVR during that time or not.
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    The two-year commitment does not require that you keep any specific hardware active on your account during that time period, only that you maintain a minimum subsription package of total choice or above for 24 months from the date the new hardware was activated. You could deactivate the DTivo and every other receiver in your household save one the very next day and not be penalized for it. I believe you could also deactivate the DVR service sine there's no requirement for it other than maintaining the programming package for the 24 months.

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