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Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by Stormydog, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. rasmasyean

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    Jul 28, 2011


    No, I meant something like this (encryption aside).

    Analog Signal Timeline:
    Coax transmission comes into electronic tuner.
    Tuner is set to filter out ONE frequency.
    Info encoded in filtered frequency is processed by video electronics.
    Video electronics outputs TV signal to plugs.

    Digital Signal Timeline:
    Coax transmission comes into receiver.
    Receiver reads ALL frequencies and dumps it into computer (RAM most likely).
    Software in computer extracts whatever "frequency" it wants to look at.
    Info encoded in extracted frequency is processed by software.
    Software sends data to video electronics.
    Video electronics outputs TV signal to plugs.

    In the second method, a faster CPU (running parallel software?) can theoretically extract as many "frequencies" (if that still has the same meaning) as it is capable of from the RAM. The issue is, how many streams can you write to a HD at once...maybe it will be more with SATA 6GB later...or even more with large SSD's of the future.

    This may be a bit off as I'm just guessing mostly as to what it means for a transmission to be "digitally processed".
  2. atmuscarella

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    Oct 11, 2005
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    I believe the process is the same for both digital and analog cable. The physical tuner is what extracts the specific channel from the analog or digital streams and decodes it.

    What you are describing is basically how the Internet works you can have as many streams as you have band width and resources to handle, which is not how digital cable works.
  3. aaronwt

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    Jan 31, 2002
    I have no issues on miine. You just program them in. For me, they've been there for years with no issues on FiOS. I don't typically use them but my girlfriend will if we are burning one of her Lifetime recordings from the TiVo in the bedroom.
  4. Stormydog

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    Oct 13, 2010
    The real issue is when my wife is done doing what ever, she simply wants to sit in our front room in a comfortable chair and watch something on our large screen tv. She is tired of being at her computer desk and wants to relax. She is not into recording her shows and leaves that to me. However, she does not want to learn how to change inputs, grab another remote,...etc... She just wants to flip thru channels and watch whatever interests her at that time until I get home. Something she always did with analog cable and was used to doing.

    So to answer my own question, with digital cable, you have to have another Tivo type dvr device, OTA with limited channels, channels 2-23 with a splitter. You all know how women are with their Lifetime channels. So short answer - no you cant watch just tv with all available cable channels with a tivo premier dvr that is already recording 2 shows. Just wanted to see if I was missing a way to do it.

    The forced switch to digital limited our ability to watch tv more and managed to cost us more! Amazing way to get more money and provide us with less ability to watch what we pay for. I am including our two computers with analog tv tuner cards which now no longer work.
  5. rasmasyean

    rasmasyean New Member

    Jul 28, 2011


    I'm not sure I understand what your problem is. Before the DVR, were you able to "record 2 shows at once"? It looks like you're creating the problem yourself. If you wanted to record your 2 shows so much now that you CAN, you're really the one who has "hogged the TV" at the expense of your wife's TV time. If this is the case, then maybe due to your change in viewing habits in the "digital era", you should get another TV setup just for your wife.
  6. Stormydog

    Stormydog Member

    Oct 13, 2010
    You are completely correct Rasmasyean, with the ability to record two shows at once has helped me create this problem. Before switching to digital, I had a S2 (1 tuner) and analog signals. My wife could simply turn tv on and watch whatever without ever touching a Tivo. Since I was forced to digital, I decided to go all out and get a Tivo Premier that has two tuners. I certainly did not think I would be using both tuners at the same time to record shows, but the show schedules some times force me to record a show at the same time as I am already recording a show, so now I have the two shows to record. Doesnt happen every night, but I hear about it when it does.

    So yes, I created the problem. Since I do not know all that much about wiring cable and using splitters with a Premier, I was curious if this community forum had a clever way to accomplish watching tv channels without a Tivo being used. Unfortunetly, once the Premier is hooked up, that is about the only way to watch any of the channels I get. No more ability to watch tv on its own.

    So many users in this forum know much more about this stuff than I do and I was looking for suggestions, if any, on watching tv by itself. It is not a Tivo problem, but possibly a technical feat that I know nothing of that could be used. For all I know, adding another splitter and running it into a tv input would work, but I have no idea. I certainly am not going to rent another DTA just for that resson. So, yes, I will have to adapt my recording habits and live with it. Evidently this issue is closed as there really is no solution. Thank you all for your inout.
  7. jrtroo

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    Feb 4, 2008
    I'm still back where I commented earlier. You need a bigger hard drive and lots more content on the TiVo for her to review (season pass/whishlist/suggestions). Then, instead of flipping through channels looking for content she can browse the NPL for content.

    it is essentially the same activity, but performed differently. yes, she would need to learn the tivo interface, but the NPL is the easiest part- turn on the tv, hit the tivo button twice, and off to content.
  8. rasmasyean

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    Jul 28, 2011
    It's easy to say that the TiVo interface is "easy", but it's another to get an old dog to try new tricks, so to speak. Especially with people who are old, and particularly women who grew up in an age where "technology" was overwhelmingly considered "the man's domain", it's a real PITA to try to help them use these "modern versatile machines". I mean, you can try and try, but in the end, sometimes you will just get frustrated trying, or they will just get pissed off and not want to touch it and even start yelling at you for no reason as is happening here.

    But back on topic...since apparently, you are familiar with "PC tuners", there's a quad tuner that accepts cable cards out there these days like Ceton which allow you to run Windows Media Center with it and do all sorts of interesting things. Plus, it's a real computer so you can use Hulu and NetFlix, should you choose (something that RCN doesn't have). I think the On Demand doesn't work, because they don't program that into the cablecard, but maybe it doesn't matter to you since you're going to record everything anyway. You'll just have to get one of those Microsoft remotes or something so it's similar to controlling a normal TV.

    BTW, the government was offering vouchers for Digital to Analog Converters. Not sure if it's still available. You can easily get a free converter(s) for your "analog PC's".
  9. Aero 1

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    Aug 8, 2007
    what? you make no sense! you say your wife refuses to switch inputs, but obviously she had to switch inputs when you had a single tuner tivo that was recording!!!!!

    listen, its 2011, its the future. technological changes happen in order to keep up with consumer demand. the switch from analog to digital wasnt done to screw you, it was done to feed the greedy consumer demand of more and better looking channels while doing what any company does, increase profit. TV viewing is not a right.

    split the cable line one end to the premiere and the other to hopefully a new tv (don't expect that to happen with your 1986 zenith tv) to get whatever clear QAM and or analog channels you are given, either upgrade or change your viewing habits.

    either buy a universal remote and program it with all your devices so she doesn't have to go through the nightmare of picking up an extra remote, or just tell your wife to just change inputs on the tv, its not going to kill her to press a button. im sure she got used to a touch tone phone after she complained how much easier it was to use a rotatory.
  10. mattack

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    Apr 9, 2001

    Actually, there's a 6 tuner one.
  11. Stormydog

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    Oct 13, 2010
    Hey Aero 1,

    Calm down... I didnt mean to step on your last raw nerve.

    I was simply seeking a way to accomplish this since I do not profess to know much about it. This forum is a gold mine of knowledge I do not possess.

    When we had a S2 with one tuner, the tv was always on cable input. She never had to turn Tivo on, had no idea what Tivo was doing except for the few times I forgot to switch inputs back to TV when I was done using Tivo. I was the one who switched inputs and used the Tivo. My wife had very little interest in using Tivo. I did show her several times how to switch and she was (gasp) able to, but still showed little interest in Tivo. Therefore it was my toy and did not push it on her and simply made it simple as I could for her to just watch tv.

    If I could close this thread I would. There obviously is no easy solution like there was during the prehistoric tv days. Thanks to all who replied.

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