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    Puzzling occurrence with new 2-tuner TiVo. Background: Have owned every TiVo device since 1999. Even switched away from DIRECTV when they dropped TiVo. Just got the 2 tuner OTAEdge from Channel Master. I was going to use as an extra local (non-networked) device to consume my programming in one location with a wired Ethernet connection. After a little playing around I found that the WIFI (no-wired or MOCA) connection not only could see other devices (which I knew) but could play from other devices on the network. The big plus, and maybe its a mistake, was that my Minis could not only play the recordings, but use the tuners for live TV. Right now my Kitchen Mini is using the 2 tuner box as its source.My understanding was that you need a 4-6 tuner box to feed the Minis and use as a source. Is this random? My questions: can all 2 tuner Edge devices be a source for Minis? And, is WIFI acceptable for streaming shows from box to box? I thought otherwise in both cases.

    TiVo 6 tuner Roamio Pro
    TiVo Edge for Antenna 4 tuner
    TiVo Edge for Antenna 2 tuner
    4 Mini VOX
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    There have been improvements in networking over the years. Plus the newer boxes all have better internal processors. You could be observing the side effects. I'm guessing the Mini all display with TiVo Online, but that's illogical.

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