1st gen hughes tivo overheating-good for anything now?

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by disneyfun1, Sep 12, 2006.

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    I have an old hughes gen 1 tivo from directv ive had for a long time. it is in a kids room since i have long updated to hd-tivos and advanced tivos in the other rooms. the other day it came up with a message on screen saying it was overheating and was shutting down. we uplugged it and tried again. same thing within an hour. i called directv and they sent out a new one. they said they did not want the old one back, do with it as i want. Is it good for anything now??

    also, i got the new replacement today, an R10, it is refurbished. set it up, called and it worked. i went to set up limits and locks, and it froze. i unplugged, rebooted and it would only say rebooting and then just a few minutes, then a screen saying major problem, dont unplug while it attempts to fix itself for 3 hours. if not working, call directv. i called and they are sending out another replacement and they want that one back. any idea whats up with it? didnt last 5 mins.
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    I would check to see if the fan is working. It can be replaced if it is not. (The fan is internal on an S1 DTiVo.)

    You could probably sell the old one on eBay to someone looking for a "fixer upper". There's probably nothing wrong with it that a disk and new fan wouldn't fix.
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    Did you let the R10 get past the green screen? The green screen will do an MFS check which may fix your problem.

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