1GB to 1GB same as Original to 1GB?

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    Is the process to copy from a 1TB drive to a new 1TB drive for a TivoHD the same as the process to copy from the original drive to a new 1TB?
    In other words, do the instruction in this thread work the same in both scenarios?
    Drive Expansion and Drive Upgrade FAQ

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    Jan 6, 2008
    I assume you mean 1TB?
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    Do you want an exact copy, all recordings intact, to be used on the same TiVo?

    If so,

    MFS Live cd v1.4

    dd_rescue -v /dev/sd"x" /dev/sd"y"

    where "x" is whichever is your "source" drive, and "y" is your "target" drive.
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    Oct 22, 2002
    Yes, I did. Sorry about that. MODERATOR: Please change the title of this thread to "1TB" instead of "1GB".

    I did the swap last night.

    Here's what happened. Documenting so hopefully this may be useful for the next guy in this situation...

    I followed the "TiVo Internal Upgrade Instructions: Preserves Settings and Recordings" instructions in the Drive Expansion and Drive Upgrade FAQ thread.

    I was using Windows 7.

    Fortunately my PC has 3 SATA ports (2 HDD and 1 DVD) so I didn't need any SATA/USB adapters. I was able to leave the bootable C drive plugged in, disconnected the other HDD and DVD. Plugged in my old 1TB drive and new 1TB drive.

    Following the steps in "TiVo Internal Upgrade Instructions: Preserves Settings and Recordings," In step 11, it says "If using Windows Vista, you'll want to launch WinMFS by right-clicking on WinMFS.exe and selecting "Run as Administrator." I'm really glad it says this here because before doing this, no drives appeared in the next step! So, Windows 7 users note you need to Run as Administrator too!

    I got to step 15 "After the copy is complete, WinMFS should display a dialog box asking if you want to expand the drive. Click Yes." which I did and it gave me a failure message. I'm guessing this is because I wasn't upgrading from the small original Tivo drive to a new one. The one I was copying from already had this done to it. So since this was an exact copy, it couldn't do this option a 2nd time. So I'd suggest anyone doing a 1TB to 1TB copy skip this step.

    Same thing with steps 16 & 17 regarding "MfsSuperSize." This had already been done to the drive I was copying from, but I tried it anyway. This time it gave me a friendlier message saying that MfsSuperSize was already turned on.

    Now, since I did pick up a Western Digital WD10EARS Caviar Green, I was aware there was a chance that a soft boot of Tivo would fail. But because I wanted to experiment, I did not yet follow the steps to correct this issue - in case it wasn't an issue as I have read it might not, and to document my findings with this particular drive. So I pulled the drive at this point and put it back in my Tivo HD. It booted just fine. Everything worked as normal, all my recordings and settings were in tact.

    Oh, btw, this WD10EARS drive is SOOOO quiet... I could just barely tell it was alive when it was on! My last drive was a Seagate Pipeline and was noisier than my kids!

    So, I tried a soft boot, and sure enough I got stuck on the Powering Up screen for over 10 minutes.

    I yanked the drive back out and followed the instructions as outlined in the steps to correct this issue (located under "29. Where are the Western Digital "Green" drives? Weren't those recommended before?" also in the Drive Expansion and Drive Upgrade FAQ thread.

    First note here, these instructions do say that you can NOT use a SATA/USB adapter. You CAN however, disconnect all your internal PC drives, even your bootable C drive because you won't be booting to Windows here, to connect your new Tivo drive to the available SATA port.

    Second, thank god the instructions mention "If you have a newer PC, you may need to enter your PC bios and temporarily switch your SATA controller to EIDE mode from AHCI/RAID. This change is needed before a bootable DOS CD can detect the drive on some newer PCs." because otherwise I would have not been able to complete this part. Before switching this setting, the Boot CD just booted into some mess of random characters printing and flashing on the screen. Switching BIOS setting and trying again worked ok. However, it did seem like I could only get one or two commands in on the command prompt before it would stop responding. I had to restart the machine a few times to check the current Idle setting, change it, then check it again.

    I put the drive back in the Tivo HD again. Booted fine. Did a soft boot which also worked fine.

    So there it is. A successful swap from one already upgraded 1TB drive to a new 1TB drive.

    To summarize:
    • When doing the copy, be careful in steps 11, 15, 16 & 17.
    • The Idle adjustment will likely be needed, so while you have the drive in your PC, you may as well follow the steps to at least check the current idle setting using: wdidle3 /r

    If it helps, here is a photo of the actual drive I installed. Serial numbers have been removed to protect the innocent.

    Here's hoping this drive lasts me more than 1 year!

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