199.00 to purchase a TiVo Premier for current customer a deal or not??

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by snuzzardbuzzard, Aug 3, 2011.

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    I had a TiVo Series 2 in my garage purchased a ways back that I finally activated in July of this year. I love the TiVo but the quality is poor on my HD TV. I have until Aug. 22nd to cancel my TiVo service on S2 without being in the 1 year commitmitment, my pricing is 12.95.

    I called TiVo to see if there was any deals I could get in on before I cancel, the sales person said "I see you have been with us for just over a year" He obviously didn't realize it's July of this year and not last but I let him continue. He said I can get you a TiVo Premier for 199.00 and you can transfer your 12.95 package to that with no contract (month to month). Thinking I was getting a deal and he was missing the fact I have only been with TiVo since July of this year I agreed and gave my info. So now I have a TiVo Premier for 199.00 and once I activate it with the service letter, I can transfer my 12.95 package and essentially get a deal...

    After some basic math and review of the facts, I need to know if I am getting a deal or not. I am paying 199.00 for Premiere and 13.00 month service, total of 355.00 for a year (tivo price/year of service @ 13) VS. if I come in and get the tivo on the webpage for 99.00 with 20.00 monthly service equals 339.00.

    I hear that if you activate a old lifetime unit you can transfer that to a new unit if done in 30 days?

    I really can't afford the lifetime unless I could manipulate it to my benefit and get a great deal. I am confused and need your advice.

    When I log into my Tivo acct. says I have a 1 year commitment ending July 2012 (which is right) so I am unsure if the sales person was confused or jerking me around and me not getting a good deal or what... It seemed like a good deal but............... What would stop me from buying a TiVo on ebay (premiere) and transferring my service to that... HELP!!!
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    I'm not up on the current intricacies of TiVo's pricing, but it would appear that if you intend to keep it for somewhat more than a year, the 12.95 per month would outweigh the extra purchase price. Of course, lifetime is still usually the best option if you intend to use it for years.
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    Best Buy has them on sale for $99.95

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