14 rooms - how to do it?

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    wow. I never new there was a max devices per account. I was actually at the limit before I discontinued two series 2 tivos.

    My solution for extra feeds (not knowing I need one) was splitting one hdmi feed (it is to a patio monitor and uses the same AV receiver so having the two feeds controlled by one room was never an issue) and having two small comcast digital signal devices on TVs in the two infrequently used rooms. That really is a waste of money but it is not too much more on the cable bill.

    Realistically, the best solution would be a streaming media server to serve the majority/all of the rooms It can be a combined with tivo solution and determine exactly how many TVs need live tv or a cord cutting solution. My guess is the kids tvs could all go streaming (non-live) tv. Watching habits of younger generations have definitely changed. Just get a large storage media server (you can get a damn good machine for the price of 2 bolts and 10 minis), a switch, run ethernet, and pick your favorite streaming device(s) (fire, roku, chromecast, apple, etc). It is almost guaranteed to be cheaper and have pluses like shared music as well.
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    OK, the real solution seems to be Dish. One Hopper 3 has 16 tuners, but the OP can get TWO Hopper 3's installed if he buys the 2nd H3 (can be had on-line for about $230). That puts 32 tuners for the whole house on the same account with up to 14 Joeys total--I think Dish subsidizes/pays for the first 5 per H3, meaning a total of 10 free joeys, but extra joeys for one-time cost. Also Prime Time Anytime records 4 big nets using only one tuner, so additional 3 tuners are free during prime time.

    Of course, maybe ONE H3 with 16 tuners and 7 Joeys could work out instead of two H3's. I don't think all ten of these users are going to be doing so at the same time, but the eighth person can access Live TV, DVR, and On-demand using DishAnywhere app on mobile or even the Fire TV to watch on a big screen TV at full HD.

    While each Joey is paired to a particular H3 for Live TV and Timer functions, any Joey can access either of the two DVR's for playback of recordings. One has to select the "Sources" icon to achieve this, so users can be unaware of the access feature and not access accidentally.

    You could put your cable service on pause, and since you want to keep your cable when the other family leaves, have them get the Dish service using their credit and your address, and you both can pay for the monthly bill. When the family moves out, they can have Dish "move" their service to their new address and finish the 2 year commitment or they or both of you can split the ETF, which after 6 months to a year in is not that much money at all, if they don't want to continue Dish service.

    I know you wanted a TiVo option, but a TiVo option is going to cost money anyway, and whatever other money spent on support devices and gadgets to facilitate, etc. In fact, the Joeys at $7 per month would take two years to equal paying the retail price for Mini, and you'll be done with Dish by that time for sure. It just seems Dish Hopper 3 to be the easier solution for this temporary situation if you really want to serve each person in the household.

    Just a suggestion for a temporary situation.
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    The 10 maximum comes from the fine print on the Mini shopping page. Don't think anybody's tried to own so many Minis to find out for sure what the real deal is.

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    Dish definitely doesn't subsidize anything. Joeys are $7/months and up, depending on what kind you get. I believe the charge for a 4K Joey is $10/month. If you buy them, you don't avoid the cost (nor do you avoid the cost for the Hopper(s) either), it's the same cost but instead of a lease fee now it is an access fee. I know people who were perfectly happy with Dish but left because the fees were just too harsh, and these were people with maybe 3-4 TVs.

    The fees for two Hoppers and 14 Joeys would exceed the charges for the actual programming.
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    For wiring, do TWO CAT-6 and TWO RG-6 per room (with two sets of wiring in a room if it is large or has walls where you can't easily run a wire from one wall to another). You do NOT want RG-59.
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    I'd suggest running two EXTRA CAT-6 cables per room if possible to future-proof. Its MUCh easier to run cables before drywall is up, and I'd suggest buying (or at least looking at Monoprice.com for purchasing the bulk cable. They (monoprice) and others have HDMI over Ethernet converters, so if you / they are looking for running multiple screens from a single TiVo device, this is a good way to handle that. I'd also suggest care in choosing the jack / wiring configuration ( T568A or T568B) so you can be sure that if you/they use hard wired phones (VOIP or otherwise), all they have to do is swap the cable from an Ethernet Jeck to Phone Jack, or vice versa. Rather than running phone lines jacks into a twisted pair "group", keep each line separate, and then use a phone junction box for the added flexibility.

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