14.8, does it full implement upon reboot? or take a while to 'take'

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by newsposter, Oct 16, 2011.

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    new premiere box friday

    hulu didnt work..called saturday and they said force update to 14.8..done

    everything worked great except i cannot see any hulu pics nor sounds..every other aspect of hulu works..CC works...when i FF or rewind i can see the tv show...but when i go to play it, it wont work. i've tried every possible setting related to video on tivo, my PC, my hulu account..you name it..hours of trying..rebooting..SD menu etc etc

    spent time on phone just now and the tivo rep was nice, but her explanation that the box still needed to 'update' is something i'm not familiar with..i know tivo isnt a PC but when i update windows, and reboot it, everything in that patch is effective immediately

    so after 24 hours will some 'new programming' from 14.8 really just all of a sudden kick in and let me watch hulu and netflix (youtube works perfectly) with video and sound?

    EDIT: strangely enough, i was trying to watch something on hulu and then the screen showed snow...i replaced the hdmi cable temporarily with component and it worked! then switched out to another hdmi cable and still works. so it was just a bad cable...but i have no idea why every other video would show except netflix or hulu??? how bizarre is that
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    New Tivo will get update on its 4th-6th Tivo connection.

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