120GB drive for series 1 Tivo

Discussion in 'TiVo Upgrade Center' started by Newbie, Nov 18, 2011.

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    Series 1 Tivo has a hard drive limit of 137GB (or is it 127??)

    Is there a way to make a > 120GB IDE drive function as a 120GB drive? It is difficult to buy a 120GB drive nowadays, but I have some larger ones like 160GB, 300GB...

    I saw a thread mentioning how to patch Tivo kernel with LBA48 so it can use a larger drive (how large?) But won't the kernel be overwritten with a non LBA48 during the next Tivo software update?
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    I think we can safely rule out any chance of a software update for the now-ancient (in consumer electronics terms) Series 1s.

    For almost all S1 tinkering, go to mfslive.org and download the zip of the .iso of the MFS Live cd, v1.4 and burn yourself a copy.

    But to specifically handle the LBA48 problem...

    If this link still works


    it'll get you the zip file of an .iso of a cd with the copykern utility on it which will let you patch your TiVo's kernel so that it can use drives up to about 1TB, which means you could have 2 of them for a total of 2TB.

    Of course most anything you get larger than 500GB will be SATA, not PATA, which means you'll need an adapter, and for the Series 1s, that adapter must be based on the Marvell chipset--if it were a Series 2 you could use either a Marvell or JMicron chipset adapter.

    And S1s are finicky about which drives they'll use, SATA or PATA. For instance, a WD Caviar Blue just won't work. Don't know why, but they won't.

    You might want to read the SATA adapter thread


    What size, brand, and model number do you have in that S1 right now?

    I ask because there are a lot of little peculiarities to S1 hacking, like unlocking the drive with the right piece of software, and what's the right piece of software depends on the drive.

    Does this S1 already have a lifetime subscription?
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    Don't worry about TiVo overwriting the S1 kernel. They stopped updating it 7-8 years ago and have no plans to ever touch it again.

    Unfortunately, I think the S2s are in that boat too. There are things like folder play or the Crestron remote interface that they could add, but 9.3.2b was released in May 2009 and hasn't been touched since.

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