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  1. Drestin

    Drestin TiVoFaNaTiC

    Jan 23, 2002


    Superbowl. Today. 60" LCD. HiDef Tivo. DirecTV w/locals and HiDef package.
    ABC won't give a waiver.
    So, all these $1000s of equipment are slave to some 1950 tech antenna crap. And with the snow today in Detroit - OTA ABC is for all intents and purposes dead.

    Meanwhile... hmm.. Comcast cable - perfect picture - all locals - same or cheaper price - no BS with farkin' waivers.

    And no having to explain to house full of folks why we are now watching in SD 4:3 on the big screen...

    Dear Comcast and Tivo - please please please get yer sh!t together and get a unit out so I can once and for all time drop DTV. The last time I remember being happy with DTV was when it was free; then I only had the occasional reprogramming chore to ***** about.
  2. terpfan1980

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    Jan 28, 2002
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    If the local ABC won't give waivers, why do you want to reward them -- and the cable co. -- by switching to cable to watch their programming?

    I understand the frustration, having been there (and still there) myself, but really the best way to deal with idiots that won't give waivers is demand a signal test, and don't give in to the local stations that pull this crap.

    What is preventing you from putting up an antenna with a booster and getting the local to come in better?
  3. Drestin

    Drestin TiVoFaNaTiC

    Jan 23, 2002
    I have a decent antenna but no booster and it's been hit and miss.

    I have tried to get a signal test but am apparently not getting through to the right folks, they keep telling me I "should have no problem" - and that is about the end of the conversation.

    Here is the thing; I could try to fight DTV or the local -- or I could just hop over to Comcast (who I already get internet from) and get better signal and more stations. It's a hard thing to ignore... Frustrated is right...
  4. AVPhan

    AVPhan New Member

    Oct 20, 2004
    Absolutely second and third on that.

    I used to be in SF, CA and had HD since 2001 with DTV, while Comcast did not even come close to trying to spend money to make it available until 2 years later.

    I am now in an area (Tallahassee, FL) and have a hard time getting OTA while Comcast has them all. I still absolutely won't want to give them a dime by switching (only exception is High Speed internet for my work).
  5. AVPhan

    AVPhan New Member

    Oct 20, 2004


    On this very subject (sorry for stealing the thread), I could really use suggestions on my situation.

    Location: Tallahassee, FL.

    ABC local HD Broadcast currently only at very low power. I only could get them for a short period (using in-door antenna) while they were in Full-Power. They will be in this mode until Summer 06. My Waiver request had just been denied (for the third time).
    NBC Broadcast on channel 2. Since my indoor antenna is UHF only, I could not receive it at all.
    FOX not broadcasting at all but granted my waiver request.
    CBS in full power but with indoor antenna, I got drop out alot during stormy night (happens alot in the area).

    Since it's a relatively small town, I got no luck with getting someone to install Roof antenna (I just am not one for the task). One installer quoted $200 to install but will not guarantee success nor able to tell me which antenna am I gonna get (needs to be VHP & UHF). It's just not that justifiable to spend the money but potentially receive no benefit.

    What would you do or try ?
  6. riekl

    riekl New Member

    Jan 29, 2001
    You are never going to find anyone who is going to guarantee you signal.

    If you are able to hit or miss pick up the signal with an indoor antenna I can think of no reason a good old fashioned directional antenna would not pick up the signals. Hopefully they are all in the same direction from you ?
  7. flempitsky

    flempitsky New Member

    Oct 31, 2002
    I have comcast with HD service. I still use my TIVO unit. I tried the Comcast DVR and could not stand it and sent it back and got a regular HD Cable box. I have a
    sony with an HD receiver. I bought a $49 flat indoor/outdoor antena that supports HD signals. I get 30 HD Cannels over the air. I live in Souteastern Massachusetts and I get ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, WB, UPN and PAX over the air from Boston and Providence. I get more over-the-air HD tahn I get from Cable. But without cabel I don't GET ESPNHD which is what I watch most often. I can record the HD Channels but TIVO changes it to 480 lines so it is small and the quality is good but not Great.

    I am waiting for TIVO to comeout with there HD Box with Cable Card and Hope they include an HD Tuner for over the air as well. I am trying to get on the BETA list I BETA tested the Home Media options a couple of years ago.

    Come on TIVO I am a TIVO Nut and am waiting paitently I already own 3 TIVO Boxes I need HD!!!!!



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