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Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by lillevig, Jun 23, 2011.

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    This info is probably buried somewhere in the forum but a couple of searches didn't turn it up. I acquired a used Series 3 HD unit that came with the larger peanut remote which has a 1-2 switch. It seems to make no difference which position the switch is in for controlling my Tivo so what is this switch for?
  2. NJ_HB


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    used for controlling two TiVos connected to the same TV or in close proximity of each other.
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    Both the Tivo(s) and the remote must be programmed, or set up for each to respond appropriately. See the User's Manual or check on tivo.com for instructions.
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    If you only have one TiVo, or only one, or fewer, in any given room, and the remote works it no matter to which side you slide the switch, then you don't need to concern yourself about it.

    Moving the switch doesn't get you any additional features.

    If you get an additional TiVo, or if the remote is not controlling your new used TiVo, post back and we'll tell you the procedure to set up the TiVo(s) and the remote(s).
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    TiVos respond to a one of several IR command sets (numbered 0-9), and TiVo remotes can be set to generate one (or two) of them. There is a "universal" command set zero that on a remote, controls all TiVos, and on a Tivo, will respond to any TiVo remote. The 1-2 switch on the remote allows two different command sets to be set in the remote. But note that the 1-2 on the remote is not the number of the command set generated by remote. In other words, you can put command set 5 into position "1" on the remote, and command set "1" into position "2".

    The details are here

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