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Minor gripes, wishes, and questions

I love wishlists, but they could use some more flexibility and features.

For instance, instead of having a million season passes for my kid limited to two episodes each for every show he has ever liked, I decided to condense it all into a wishlist. Since there were always episodes (I had it record everything, he likes the episodes to change daily), having only one item always on top instead of 10 or so was much better. The only problem is that Spongebob Squarepants airs way more than everything else so the wishlist ends up being 75% Spongebob. An easy work around would be to remove the offending show and give it back its own season pass, but my goal was to reduce his clutter down to one folder. I wish there was either a way to internally limit how much a wishlist records any one hit, or probably simpler, user directed subfolders in the recordings. Naming a folder a kids folder and then being able to direct specific season passes there would be a great organizational tool. Further being able to protect individual folders with a quick PIN would be amazing parental control.

Another wishlist issue I have is the lack of ability to associate or disallow certain channels. A quick example is that I am not interested in censored movies, so any movie wishlist I create I'd like to limit to only pay attention to the premium channels. I am also a big fan of MMA and Boxing and have created a wishlist so I don't have to remember to set records, which is amazing, but it constantly picks up a show on SNY (Sports Net NY, the Mets channel) called "Boxing" that is a rerun of old fights. It has no description and is always dated first aired in 2001, but the TiVo thinks it is new, likely thanks to Time Warner Cable, and always records it. There is no way I can prevent this without removing boxing from the wishlist altogether except to delete SNY from my channel list. I do not want to do this as I occasionally watch SNY, but I shouldn't have to do that even if I didn't. As it stands I have to delete a three hour program sometimes several times a day. That is certainly not a deal breaker on its own, annoying as it may be, but the bigger issue here is that the fights are my number one priority with TV so it is on top of my priority list. I can lose shows in priority battles because this random old re-run cannot be defeated. Simply setting the wishlist to ignore channel X, in this case SNY, would fix this immediately for me.

A third thing I would like increased control of is the auto-delete priority list. As a minor change, I would like to be able to short term prioritize "Recently Deleted" over "Suggestions" in some form. It is rare that we watch a suggestion, but less rare that one of us accidentally deletes a program on someone else in the house. My solution would be a second layer of "Keep Until" in the subsection of the recently deleted. It could be an hour, more or less mimicking what it does now, or it could be 24 hours, 48, or until space is needed, the last option effectively shutting off suggestions.

Also in terms of the auto-delete, I'd even more like to be able to customize the order in which items are going to be deleted instead of it simply deleting the oldest items first. A good example here is to return to my kids show wishlist from above. I let it record 25 episodes, so 12.5 hours give or take a little, and since it refreshes itself every day it would be the last thing Roamio would ever auto-delete. I want the exact opposite. Should it ever need space, I don't want it to take out a show we have fallen behind on but plan to watch when there are 14 Spongebob re-runs sitting there. I would like to see a list that is a second priority list of the season passes, wishlists, and this time including any one off recordings scheduled or on the DVR. Then you could order them to be executed if needed in the order you like, or just leave it alone and let it act like it does now if you prefer.

Finally if anyone is still here, I have two wishlist questions:

1) How do recording conflicts within a wishlist get resolved? For instance, if you were to have a basic and set an auto-record wishlist that would get five hits at the exact same time, how does it choose which listing doesn't get recorded?

2) I have a bulk wishlist set for new shows that haven't aired yet, a giant preemptive season pass so there is no risk of me missing something that turns out to be good, but often the character selection does not allow me to put in the actual title. Often there are ampersands (&), periods (.), and for some ungodly reason there is a show set for next fall that begins with a hashtag (#). I can't put those on a wishlist. What is the work around?

Thanks for reading and conversing!

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