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1TB Hard Drive, change out?

I recently ordered/received a replacement WD 1TB DVR HD with the intent on replacing my previously upgraded 1TB HD for my HD TiVo. Original upgrade drive was manufactured in 10/09 and I had been noting increasing blocking on a variety of FiOS channels. I had prior to ordering the replacement drive run the WD diagnostics software and while the quick test was ok the long test quickly revealed a large number of bad sectors. I ran it a second time and quickly received the same fail warning (it was at this point that I ordered the replacement). Drive was connected to an external open dock via USB2 from my MacBook Pro.

Before installing the new drive I decided to do a quick/long check on it as well using the same software and 'lo and behold, the same result (I had put the original 160GB drive that I still had back in so that I could still watch/record FiOS programming, which BTW requires a C&D to get the MB to match up with the TiVo account in case others didn't know this). The more I thought about it the more I began to wonder if the report was incorrect due to a possible power management issue with virtual Win7 (VMWare)? Once I changed the settings in Win7 the original drive began the detailed scan without the warning message appearing. Earlier this morning (3 days total) the drive completed its scan and the original 1TB drive checks out ok. Do you put the original upgraded drive back in and return the new one at this point or proactively replace it? I'm performing a C&D on the 160GB drive right now.

TiVo HD 1TB upgrade with lifetime
TiVo HD with lifetime (kidnapped by college daughter)

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Three days is probably much longer than it should take to do an extended test on a 1 tb drive. IIRC, it only took about half a day to do a 2 tb drive.

In the future, you could try something like a Mac equivalent of the Ultimate Boot CD, especially if it uses Intel hardware, and skip the virtualization.

I had a similar problem with my first TiVo HD. I got a 2 tb drive to replace the 1 tb drive and saw no improvement but since it was a space upgrade, I left it in there and retired the 1 tb drive to a less arduous life as a PC hard drive. The glitching was probably caused by that TiVo's power supply failing (one capacitor was bulging).

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