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Help getting HTPC Functions on Roamio

I used to use a HTPC. Now, I will need to spend $100-$150 to replace a couple of parts, so instead of that, I thought I would use the Tivo Roamio OTA because it seemed to do what I want. Instead of recording 2 things at once, I can record 4. But, I think I just made a huge mistake buying a Tivo, but before I see if I can return it and cancel my service, I thought I would check here to see if there is anyway to mod the Tivo Roamio OTA to get it to do what I need.

1. I have an Amazon Prime Membership and want to steam the free video content.
2. I want to access Hulu not Hulu Plus. That is I want the free content part of Hulu, not the mostly useless paid part.
3. I want to be able to steam videos from my computer to the Tivo. I prefer not to convert the format from Divix.
4. Have access to Crackle, but this is not a requirement. The first two on the list are pretty much deal breakers.

Are there any hacks that are going to work, or do I need to see if I can cancel Tivo and fix my HTPC?

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1) not currently possible. The prime interface was accidentally turned on a month or so ago, so they are working on it, but it does not currentlywork.

2) only Hulu + works. I don't believe regular Hulu is supported on any STB devices.

3) there are free apps that do this.

4) no Crackle on TiVo.

Sounds like you should return your OTA.

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It depends on how much extra work you want to do. You can use PlayOn/PlayLater to capture Hulu videos, and then use TiVoDesktopPlus to get them to the TiVo. I'm not sure if this will work with Amazon Prime or not. I don't think DiVX is a supported video format, so conversion would be necessary. Anyone know if TiVoDesktopPlus will do this?

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Thanks for the information.

I found this web browser app mentioned mention on this forum. Would that allow me to navigate to a website and watch videos? That is what I would do on a HTPC to stream Amazon. Post count won't let me link to the thread.

I ran across this:://wmcbrine.com/tivo/

It lists it as an alternative to Desktop Plus, but also mentions steaming videos.

According to the official Tivo website, the Desktop Plus program will allow you to stream Divix.

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The free Hulu is licensed for PC only so no direct access by TiVo is possible, assuming nobody can figure out a hack which I think is a safe assumption. Perhaps some STB with a web browser that can fool Hulu will work, my Google TV can do it for about 10 minutes before it stops and I get a message Hulu is not available. Like a previous poster mentioned, PlayOn/PlayLater is a good way to access Hulu using a network PC.

PlayOn/PlayLater worked well with Amazon Prime the last time I subscribed, a few months ago, and as far as I know, it still does.

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