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Failed new recordings; reboot required

I feel like soon after the spontaneous reboot issue was fixed (which had been affecting me) that this one came along. In the last few weeks there have been two occasions where signal on the cable cards just craps out and I have to reboot to get all channels back. As soon as I reboot all is fine again. All shows recorded during the affected time are mostly black screen with some blockiness and basically stop after 75% of garbage recording (like the tivo gives up or something). I had a similar problem back in September and I ended up replacing my years-old cable card and it fixed the issue until now. One major difference is that, with that prior problem, the tivo would delete the garbage recording after trying to record it rather than keep the 75% garbage around so it was a bit easier to notice a problem. I don't use a tuning adapter or anything like that.

I've been a loyal tivo owner for over 10 years and I seriously love my tivo but I've had 3 problems with my premiere xl4 that I've owned for only one year so it's shaking my confidence in the brand, I have to admit. My previous boxes had ZERO issues over the years. I feel like I have to check my live tv once a day now to make sure the thing is still working. I never lost a recording before my premiere box and now I've lost several and that makes me extremely disappointed. I would have rather kept the spontaneous reboot issue, to be honest.

I don't watch a ton of tv, but the things I do watch don't tend to have a lot of re-runs or if they do, I don't catch it in time because I don't watch tv every day. I'm just not sure what to do now. I could maybe replace the cards yet again, but without a root cause I'm not confident it wouldn't just crop up again and cause the tivo to let me down in the future.

Anyone have ideas as to what the issue could be or diagnostics I could perform?

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Yep I've seen this happen twice in a couple of years (almost) with my Elite, and the only answer is to reboot. As you said the bad thing about it is that it happens with no warning and all recordings start failing, plus on mine I get black screen on playback of existing stuff too. The box is essentially dead for video I/O, but the UI works.

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Final answer?
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Yeah, it happened to me two days ago, I just happened to switch on the TV and noticed that everything was black and nothing was being recorded because of "no signal", I rebooted and it started working again. Very annoying.

At a bare minimum I'd like to see the TiVo give some sort of indication that there is no signal, like a flashing light or something.

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