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Exclamation Season pass recordings stop mid show

1st time Tivo user/subscriber here. So I hope my problem could get corrected soon.

I set up 2 season pass recordings and both recorded fully on the first day (The Voice and Dancing with the Stars). The next day, they began to record the shows again, only The Voice recorded the first 9 minutes of a 2 hour show and Dancing with the Stars recorded 25 minutes of a 1 hour show. Both started at the same time 8:00pm.

I have the basic Roamio DVR. With TWC M-Card and Tuning Adaptor (the Tuning adaptor was on). I only have 1 TV with cable in my house, so the other tuners were not in use anywhere.

I double checked settings on season pass and they are correct. Not sure why both shows started to record and only 9 minutes of one and 25 minutes of the other were recorded.

Has anyone experience this before? This is very frustrating and if recordings aren't reliable I'll be following up on the 30 day guarantee.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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Old 09-24-2014, 05:45 AM   #2
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I've never recorded reality TV, so I've never seen exactly this problem before.

Seriously, anything that would interrupt a recording would cause this problem. These have happened to me:

* Tuning Adapter fails because the cable company decides it needs to be reinitialized

* Cable company stops sending the signal due to some problem (once my neighbor didn't pay his bill and they cut my cable by mistake. It took two weeks for them to send somebody out to discover they had made a mistake. They took $15 off my bill.)

* Power failure causes your TiVo to reboot. (A TiVo is as sensitive to power problems as any other computer. I have all mine on UPS now.)

* TiVo software problem causes TiVo to reboot. (Not very likely these days.)

* TiVo hardware problem causes TiVo to reboot. (An S3 TiVo with the dreaded Capacitor Plague, for example.)

Like any other electronic device, TiVos are subject to manufacturing defects. If it keeps failing it certainly might be defective, or the problem could lay elsewhere. You'd have to decide for yourself whether it's worthwhile to pursue diagnosis and repair. For example, there are ways of recognizing whether the TiVo has rebooted or whether a recording has been missed because the cable signal was lost. There is lots of information is other posts in these forums. If you provided more specific information I'm sure someone could give you more clues.

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Old 09-26-2014, 02:44 AM   #3
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Thanks for the insight. I got my fingers crossed this is just a random isolated incident. I'll update any good or bad news. Glad it just wasn't Game of Thrones or the Walking Dead. Then I'd be really upset.
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Old 09-26-2014, 12:01 PM   #4
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Game of Thrones repeats plenty of times so that I'm not worried about losing that.
Now if any network scripted show borks there can be issues since they rarely repeat anytime soon after airing.
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