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Angry CableCard Woes (Comcast & Premiere XL 4 / Elite) Tuner

So Saturday, day before the Super Bowl, all my channels go blank - zero signal on ANY channel on my TiVo Premier XL4 (Elite). I figure it's just temporary, maybe a temporary Comcast / XFinity problem, and sleep on it. Next day, still no channels.

Call Comcast, they go through the pairing process with me, have me reboot. No signal on any channel.

Call TiVo, they connect me to Comcast and go through pairing process again, same deal, no channels.

Comcast Tech comes out to house, makes sure there's good signal coming in. Yes, strong signal. I have not lost Internet or Phone (both from Comcast) this whole time.

He swaps out the CableCard, does the pairing process again, still dead.

Do the pairing dance with Comcast & TiVo several more times. Always comes back with ZERO signal strength on ANY channel.

TiVo recommends I try at least 3 or 4 more cable cards. Sigh. Go down to a local Comcast, get the only card they have, bring it home, SAME THING. Called Comcast/TiVo they both blame each other.

Supervising Technician from Comcast comes to house the next day. Before he does, however, he brings a TV that accepts CableCards so we can rule out whether it is to blame, as TiVo says. Sure enough, the TV WORKS FINE with the cable card after pairing. It's NOT the CableCard(s). Re-checks my signal strength - all looks great.

Next thing we try is pulling the CableCard OUT of the TiVo and doing a Channel Search, which *should* find 550+ channels. It finds only 5 channels. Run the same process on my Samsung TV, and it finds 552. Same thing on the TV he brings (with no CableCard) and it also finds 552. Comcast says it's likely a Tuner problem with the TiVo.

Call TiVo and they say put a signal booster on the line. LOL. There's PLENTY of signal, and TiVo is seeing ZERO of it.

TiVo says my options are to do an exchange for $149, which I assume means I lose all my saved programs. They also mentioned Weaknees as a repair shop.

My question to you all is: have you seen anything like this? From what I've said here, does it sound like the TiVo's tuner has gone bad? Any other possibilities? Or easy things to try that I may not have thought of yet?

I appreciate any and all advice / suggestions.


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Check your cable card values and make sure there are still pared correctly. Follow these steps.....

Motorola CableCARD Troubleshooting: Roamio Series and Premiere Series DVRs http://support.tivo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2569

S2(03/2006), S3(10/2006) (OTA), TiVo Hd(04/2010), Premiere(05/2012) (OTA), Roamio Basic (11/2013)(Comcast Cable).
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