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Frontline - "The Retirement Gamble" OAD 10/29/2013

This one was particularly interesting as this is something I am really starting to worry about since I am almost 40. I have been using a 401K of some type since my early 20's but never really paced what I was supposed to be putting in. Now I am trying to make up for lost time.

The part I found the most interesting was dealing with the fact that we should not be investing in mutual funds but rather index funds. This is something I need to talk to my advisor about (I have new questions for him as well especially regarding fiduciary) and what is opinions on the matter are.

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Opinions differ. If you invest in index funds you can easily do it yourself w/o an advisor as long as you spend a bare minimum amount of time to ensure that you invest in a diversified portfolio of funds.

Same can be said for "regular" managed mutual funds, just need a bit more due diligence. There are excellent independent newsletters for Vanguard and Fidelity fund families.

I got a late start on 401Ks because (a) they didn't exist at first and (b) the owner of the company was an obstinate guy, but investing regularly in funds especially when the market went down eventually over a couple decades left me with lots of money.

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I didn't see the show but will watch online.

I have been putting $$ into 401Ks since I started working 20+ years ago. I currently have about $550k between my current 401k (a small cap, an S&P index and a 2035 target fund) and 2 rollover IRAs (another S&P and target fund) but I'm still wary even though TRowePrice's app that runs simulations and tells you if you're 'OK' says I'll have over $10m by the time I retire in ~22-25 years.

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Oh, this wasn't a rerun?

I guess I should listen to the audio podcast. (Frontline is one of the things I think works well just with the audio.)

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Originally Posted by mattack View Post
Oh, this wasn't a rerun?
It was a rerun from April. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontl...rement-gamble/

I found the "Boglehead" way to do it thanks to the internet not long after I paid my first load to purchase a mutual fund to a salesman at Edward Jones. I figured there had to be a better and cheaper way and there was. I know I'm already saving thousands a year(!) in fees simply by using low cost index funds when I can. Now I just wish we would decouple retirement savings plans from our employers so my ongoing savings don't have to be at the whim of somebody else's fund choices until I change jobs.

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A good watch, although I caught it the first time around. If nothing else, it validated the simple/diversified/low cost/tax efficient index fund portfolio I have.

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