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My Configuration (MoCA, TA, POE, Roamio Pro, Mini)

One of the main advantages of my new TiVo equipment is that is provides a whole house solution via the coaxial cable without requiring me to re-wire to my home with Cat 6 ethernet cable. So, having TiVo Mini's connected over coax via Roamio Pro's built-in MoCA network is of great value to me. However, there were no configuration diagrams for how to connect this (mainstream?) configuration. Also, there were no instructions as to how to connect a Tuning Adaptor that coexists with a MoCA network. An additional (2-GHz rated) splitter is required. If you use a 1-GHz splitter your signal levels could be severely attenuated (it will depend on the characteristics of the splitter).

Here's my working configuration (see attached pdf ... a picture is worth a thousand words). I hope this helps you get your set up working in less time than it took me! You may have a different configuration, so you may need to alter to fit your specific situation.

My configuration includes the following elements:
Cable Modem for internet
E-switch (for BluRay, PlayStation, Net Attached Storage)
TiVo Roamio Pro configured to provide MoCA network over coax
TiVo Mini connected via a MoCA network over coax
Tuning Adaptor (TA)
One 2-way (1 GHz) splitter for CATV and cable modem
One 2-way (2 GHz) splitter (connects TA, Roamio, and Mini's via coax)
One 3-way (2 GHz) splitter for up to 3 Mini's via coax MoCA network
MoCA POE filter to optimize MoCA network

My configuration has the following benefits:

1) Provides highest signal strength and SNR to CATV signals and Cable Internet Modem.

2) Isolates and optimizes MoCA network. If there are issues with your cable provider, this isolation makes trouble shooting (and potential finger pointing) much easier.

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File Type: pdf TiVo_MoCA_config_2014_01_14_r3.pdf (80.5 KB, 37 views)

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That is an interesting setup but I heard that going into and out of the Tuning Adapter is one more "split" (like a regular splitter?). If true then this looks like you'd be going through two devices (splitter/TA) before getting to your Roamio.

My wiring goes to a 3 way, from there one port goes to a 2 way in my av cabinet to a 2 way splitter (one to the TA and one to the Roamio). Similar, but not exactly the same.

I'll be interested to hear from what other folks think.

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Total MoCA isolation from Tuning Adaptor's input

I originally had a setup like yours, but then I added the Mini via MoCA network (setup/controlled by a Roamio Pro).

Because my original setup had a feedback path for MoCA signals to enter the TA's input and because I was having glitches in my picture, I suspected interference. Perhaps it was a red herring (signals are in different freq band). But, then the first thing the cable people did (every time) was to disconnect my MoCA network to Mini by using their own "known good" 1-GHz splitters.

Without a POE in hand to isolate MoCA from CATV signals, I ended up with my current working config which totally isolates my internal MoCA network. There is no path for any MoCA signals to the Tuning Adaptor's input. And the cable guys can do whatever they want without affecting my MoCA network between Roamio and Mini's.

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